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n. (plural of hem English)


Hems may refer to:

  • Homs, Syria
  • Air Ambulance - HEMS: Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
  • EMS - HEMS: Home Energy Management Systems
  • HEMS - Harsh-Environment Mass Spectrometry
  • HEMS-The short name of Hemant

Usage examples of "hems".

He was lying on the floor, and expected to see the bloodstained hems of white robes, the trampling feet of the mob.

They had put lead weights in the padded hems of their quilted robes to make them swing.

We had also acquired in Kashan some new items to carry with us: smooth round sticks and lengths of light fabric with their hems sewn to form sheaths.

Except for stumbling now and then, because I could see the ground only dimly through the obscuring snow and my chador, and also because I frequently stepped on my own hems, I got back to the karwansarai without incident.

The hems of my bliauds were still dirty, but from walking endlessly through the herb garden and not from splashing in puddles.

It was held spread by willow wit hies threaded into its hems and was attached to a long elm staff that was crowned with a golden figure of a dragon.