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Usage examples of "hesh".

In spite of his best efforts, Hesh, poor man, could not prevent two guides from attaching themselves to us.

One moment I had merely Hesh, the next, these two with piping voices and rapid little legs.

At the place where we stayed, a kind of palace for the wealthy traveler, there was much to keep me awake: sighing breezes, occasional shouts or blaring horns from the distant street, Hesh snoring in the adjoining room, flickers from torchlight dancing under the doorand voluptuous grunts that rampaged up the marble halls.

Servants of the house scurried in and out, deferring to Hesh and myself equally, as if we were not master and man, but two guests of similar rank.

For a moment he was not my familiar Hesh at all, but some other kind of being, gazing out through the fleshly form of my servant as one might through a gauze or veil.

Zhamiir can understand that, nor can Hesh, nor can even you, my dear Nephew.

So could we just hesh up and let me do it before I have to listen to exactly why you changed your mind?

So he lit the bed lamp to do it right and told her to just hesh when she started to go into her female complaints.

He stood there in a misshapen overcoat of Hesh that turned from brown to green and then colorless in the morning light, fell off in globs onto the floor.

Hesh was still a double palms width above the horizon, sitting like a belly dancers navel jewel on Horlis middle.

An’ Ah’s heshed mah mouf ‘bout a heap of things you is done, lak sellin’ po’ lumber fer good, an’ lyin’ ‘bout de other lumber gempmums, an’ ridin’ roun’ by yo’seff, exposin’ yo’seff ter free issue niggers an’ gettin’ Mist’ Frank shot, an’ not feedin’ dem po’ convicts nuff ter keep dey souls in dey bodies.

Ah’s done heshed mah mouf, even ef Miss Ellen in de Promise Lan’ wuz sayin’ ‘Mammy, Mammy!