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Hein is the surname of:

  • Jay Hein, director of White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, August 2006 September 2008
    • Hein v. Freedom From Religion Foundation the Supreme Court case bearing his name
  • Jeppe Hein, Danish artist
  • Jotun Hein, Oxford professor
  • Karl Hein (1908–1982), German athletic
  • Leonard W. Hein, American economist and accountant
  • Mel Hein, former professional American football player
  • Myat Hein, Commander of the Burmese Air Force
  • Nick Hein, MMA fighter
  • Peter Hein, action choreographer, stunt coordinator who has worked on many South Indian films
  • Piet Hein, Danish scientist, mathematician, inventor, author, and poet
  • Piet Hein, Dutch naval hero