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Penobscot, to seize upon La Heve, Chedabucto, and other stations on the southern coast.

I am well satisfied at my living at this place I am a making money for my own benefit and I hope that its to yours also If I live to see Next year I shall heve my own time from master by giving him 100 and twenty Dollars a year and I think I shall be doing good bisness at that and heve something more thean all that.

Much healthier heving a neighbor you can break out and hev a bit of a war with now and then, eh?

If, on top of that, I have to worry about heving my marriage destroyed.

Anna Heves was arrested and she will be brought to trial because she was found-actually found, mind you-smuggling newspaper articles, defamatory to the Government of this country, for insertion in foreign journals.

Only," he continued very slowly and very deliberately, "let me assure you once and for all that young Imrey and Anna Heves will appear before the military courts on a charge of treason unless a series of articles written in the spirit I have had the honour to outline before you, and bearing your distinguished name, appear in-shall we say The Times?

Peter Blakeney, disguised as a Roumanian officer, and having with him Captain Payson and a young Hungarian cricketer, both dressed as Roumanian soldiers, had presented a forged order for the surrender of the two prisoners, Philip Imrey and Anna Heves.