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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
heir apparent
rightful heir
▪ the rightful heir to the throne
▪ However, if a man dies without direct male heirs, his cattle will be inherited by a daughter.
▪ Du Pont is a direct heir to the du Pont fortune.
▪ When the Earl of Surrey died in 1347 he left no direct heir.
▪ The adoption contract might contain a proviso that if a natural son was born he would take precedence as the legal heir.
▪ Now Jeanne Deschamps, Suzanne's sister and sole legal heir, is demanding that the painting be restored to the family.
▪ The boy's his legal heir.
▪ The financial aspirations of the legal heirs, however, frustrated any hope of compromise.
▪ No, she may give me her money and my legitimate heir, and that is all.
▪ In all three cases the Church seems to have been trying to prevent lords from siting legitimate heirs.
▪ And so at last, though not happily nor of one mind, Lachlan was named as the legitimate heir of Duart.
▪ She is usually noble-born, and crucially, she alone is allowed to bear legitimate heirs.
▪ Where wealth is divided among both male and female heirs, the pattern of marriage is relevant.
▪ That is how strongly she felt about her responsibility to produce a male heir to the Kang clan.
▪ The succession law favouring the male heir was changed in May 1990 to give equal succession rights to both sexes.
▪ However, if a man dies without direct male heirs, his cattle will be inherited by a daughter.
▪ Late in life, King Robert had still fathered no male heir.
▪ Unless this occurred, the land was divided equally amongst all the male heirs, reducing the size of Catholic plots.
▪ This was most likely to happen if a lordship was left without an adult male heir.
▪ Wasn't he the rightful heir?
▪ Why, for instance, does Dahlia continue to control the purse strings after Ella is revealed as the rightful heir?
▪ The princes had obviously refused to select their prince as Phoenix King although he was obviously the rightful heir to Aenarion.
▪ However, if a man dies without direct male heirs, his cattle will be inherited by a daughter.
▪ They can sell their timeshares, or rent them out, or even leave them to their heirs in their wills.
▪ William died in November 1581, leaving his son Maximilian heir to his property in Halling.
▪ Sigmar left no heir and his passing must have caused some apprehension amongst the people of the Empire.
▪ When the Earl of Surrey died in 1347 he left no direct heir.
▪ He left a son and heir, John, aged twenty-two, and a widow, who died in 1349.
▪ His duty was to marry and produce an heir to the throne.
▪ With equal grace and dispatch she produced the son and heir the Shah craved.
▪ That is how strongly she felt about her responsibility to produce a male heir to the Kang clan.
▪ At all times the social function of marriage has been to produce heirs and this their marriage had failed to do.
▪ His duty was to marry and produce an heir to the throne.
▪ Beatrice died soon after and without producing an heir.
▪ The flat tax is the biggest plank in publishing heir Steve Forbes' platform.
▪ But so far, media buyers in California see no sign of the publishing heir.
▪ Henry died a year ago, and his heirs sold the ranch.
▪ Reagan's political heirs
▪ And this was especially true for the neoconservatives who considered themselves the heirs of an abandoned tradition of postwar liberalism.
▪ In all three cases the Church seems to have been trying to prevent lords from siting legitimate heirs.
▪ In this sense, Mr Major is child and heir of Thatcherism, smile and smile as he may.
▪ Lieutenant Denholm is the heir to an earldom.
▪ Richard was now heir to the throne of the Angevin Empire.
▪ They want to repeal a tax the heirs of millionaires pay.
▪ Why was it that the men in her life seemed to have found some other woman to give them an heir?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Heir \Heir\, v. t. To inherit; to succeed to. [R.]

One only daughter heired the royal state.


Heir \Heir\ ([^a]r), n. [OE. heir, eir, hair, OF. heir, eir, F. hoir, L. heres; of uncertain origin. Cf. Hereditary, Heritage.]

  1. One who inherits, or is entitled to succeed to the possession of, any property after the death of its owner; one on whom the law bestows the title or property of another at the death of the latter.

    I am my father's heir and only son.

  2. One who receives any endowment from an ancestor or relation; as, the heir of one's reputation or virtues.

    And I his heir in misery alone.

    Heir apparent. (Law.) See under Apparent.

    Heir at law, one who, after his ancector's death, has a right to inherit all his intestate estate.
    --Wharton (Law Dict.).

    Heir presumptive, one who, if the ancestor should die immediately, would be his heir, but whose right to the inheritance may be defeated by the birth of a nearer relative, or by some other contingency.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, from Anglo-French heir, Old French oir "heir, successor," from Latin heredem (nominative heres) "heir, heiress" (see heredity). Heir apparent (late 14c.) has the French order of noun-adjective, though it was not originally so written in English. It is the heir of one still alive whose right is clear. After death the heir apparent becomes the heir-at-law.


n. Someone who inherits, or is designated to inherit, the property of another.

  1. n. a person who is entitled by law or by the terms of a will to inherit the estate of another [syn: inheritor, heritor]

  2. a person who inherits some title or office [syn: successor]

Heir (disambiguation)

An heir (fem. heiress) is one who inherits.

Heir may also refer to:

  • Heir apparent, the first in line to a throne or other title, who cannot be displaced by birth of another heir
  • Heir presumptive, the current first in line to a title
  • Heirs of the line, heirs in the line of succession
  • Heirs of the body, descendants of a particular person who are entitled to inherit a title or property

Usage examples of "heir".

In exchange, she would put the forces of Azzalle at the disposal of Foclaidha and her son to hold the kingdom of Alba against the disposed heir and his allies among the Dalriada.

Sir Alec, only child and last surviving heir of Sir Gareth of Ivywell, a genteel but impoverished Mycenian baron.

Sir Alured had said that on such an occasion he, the heir, ought to be on the property with the shortest possible delay.

I have promised Sir Alured that Everett, as his heir, should have the use of a considerable portion of his share without waiting for my death.

Men of courtly nurture, heirs to the polish of a far-reaching ancestry, here, with their dauntless hardihood, put to shame the boldest sons of toil.

Bering fell heir to newspapers carried by passengers on their way from Anchorage into the Y-K delta.

The Dowager, with a magnificent disregard for the coachman and the footman, perched on the box-seat in front of her, knew no such reticence, and discoursed with great freedom on the birth of an heir to the barony, animadverting with embarrassing candour, and all the contempt of a matriarch who had brought half-a-dozen children into the world without fuss or complications, on sickly young women who fancied themselves to be ill days before their time, and ended by suffering cross births and hard labours.

They will welcome the chance to rally behind the Aeleding himself, Atheling Radgar, the lost heir miraculously returned to us.

Luckily, however, he was not as effeminate as his younger brother, the Cyprian, who never managed to sire any children: Auletes and Cleopatra Tryphaena confidently expected to give Egypt heirs.

Langeron and Yekaterininskaya streets, directly opposite the huge Fankoni Cafe where stockbrokers and grain merchants in Panama hats sat at marble-topped tables set out right on the pavement, Paris-style, under awnings and surrounded by potted laurel trees, the cab in which Auntie and Pavlik were travelling was all but overturned by a bright-red automobile driven by the heir to the famous Ptashnikov Bros, firm, a grotesquely bloated young man in a tiny yachting cap, who looked amazingly like a prize Yorkshire pig.

A few moments later Sigurd Ring awoke from his feigned sleep, and after telling Frithiof that he had recognized him from the first, had tested him in many ways, and had always found his honor fully equal to his vaunted courage, he bade him be patient a little longer, for his end was very near, and said that he would die happy if he could leave Ingeborg, his infant heir, and his kingdom in such good hands.

This Groslot, whose dual position was one of the singularities of this period--when Reformers themselves owned abbeys--Groslot, the Jacques Coeur of Orleans, one of the richest burghers of the day, did not bequeath his name to the house, for in after years it was called Le Bailliage, having been, undoubtedly, purchased either by the heirs of the Crown or by the provinces as the proper place in which to hold the legal courts.

The beneficiary of the policies was designated by the trust as the surviving heirs.

He was one of the ones betting against the acceptance of the heir designation.

If a bomblet fell into the hole with him, well, Sparta would just need another heir to the Collins throne.