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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hewe \Hewe\, n. [Cf. Hind a peasant.] A domestic servant; a retainer. [Obs.] ``False homely hewe.''


n. (context obsolete English) A domestic; a servant or retainer.

Usage examples of "hewe".

I came into it on a dark night in early December, though Captain Hewes was still there, a bottle of Vouvray before him and a stranger sitting across from him a stranger whose hat perched precariously on the side of his head.

Hewes pushed a glass of Vouvray into my hand before I could unbutton my jacket.

It was voted on and adopted (New York alone abstaining), whereupon Joseph Hewes of North Carolina, who had repeatedly voted against it, started suddenly upright, and lifting up both his Hands to Heaven as if he had been in a trance, cryd out, It is done!