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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Herr \Herr\, n. A title of respect given to gentlemen in Germany, equivalent to the English Mister.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

German equivalent of Mr., 1650s, originally "nobler, superior," from Middle High German herre, from Old High German herro, comparative of her "noble, worthy, exalted," from PIE *kei-, a color adjective, in suffixed form *koi-ro- here meaning "gray, hoary," hence "gray-haired, venerable." Cognate with Old Frisian hera, Dutch heer; perhaps in this usage a loan-translation of Latin senior. Hence also Herrenvolk "master race," in Nazi ideology, the concept of the German people.


Herr may refer to:

  • Herr (surname)
  • H.E.R.R., a Dutch band
  • Herr, Indiana, an unincorporated town in Perry Township, Boone County, Indiana, US
  • Herr's Snacks, a Pennsylvania-based snack food and potato chip maker
Herr (surname)

Herr is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adam Herr (born 197?), Canadian musician, YouTube star
  • Aaron Herr (born 1981), American baseball player
  • Alexander Herr (born 1978), German ski jumper
  • Anita Herr (born 1987), Hungarian handball player
  • Beth Herr (born 1964), American tennis player
  • Dominique Herr (born 1965), Swiss footballer
  • Howard Herr (born 1962), South African tennis player
  • Hugh Herr (born 1964), American rock climber, engineer, and biophysicist
  • Jim Herr(1924-1992), American businessman
  • John Knowles Herr, American general officer
  • Lois Herr, American politician
  • Matt Herr (born 1976), American ice hockey player
  • Michael Herr (1940-2016), American writer
  • Michel Herr (born 1949), Belgian musician
  • Orsolya Herr (born 1984), Hungarian handball player
  • Spencer Herr (born 1974), American artist
  • Tom Herr (born 1956), American baseball player
  • Traugott Herr (1890–1976), German general

Usage examples of "herr".

Er ist auch unser aller Herr der Graue Mann, Sohn Dessen, Der sich im Walde verbirgt.

Two favourite pieces were given with great applause, and in the interval Herr Apel was brought in in a chair, which was placed in front of the footlights, and sang his song.

Herr Apel was taken home in a comatose state, and scarcely moved or spoke again during the remainder of his life.

The Baroness sent me several sums of money, which I tried to appropriate to the wants of Herr Apel and his daughter, but I found more difficulty in doing this than I expected.

Christus der Herr, bleibt, der er ist in alle Zukunft, dagegen liegt es ausdruchlich im Begriffe seines Werks, den Christenthums, dass es nicht so bleibt, wie es anhebt.

Herr Egger had a Nasty Little Habit reached us in a roundabout way via a girl called Lily who works in the post office and is currently enjoying his favours.

If I met the detestable Herr Egger, the Minister of Development with his Nasty Habit, I would throw my arms round him and call him Little Brother like people do in Russian books.

Abwehr could be much of a stranger to these necessary euphemisms, Herr Gunther.

I suggested that a more likely explanation was that at the moment she had been interrupted in her room she had in fact been fantasising about the act of fellatio with Herr P, and that it had been the pain of her absence from him while in Paris that caused this somatic representation of what she had lost.

Herr Fest, a cheerful middle-aged associate from the Institute, had made the arrangements and offered to come along in the capacity of tour guide.

A little later, when school began for Eduard Amsel, it was Herr Olschewski, the young schoolmaster in Nickelswalde -- for Schiewenhorst did not maintain a school -- who was obliged to stand still when his freckliest pupil planted him, insubstantial as a scarecrow, on the great dune to the right of the river mouth.

I follow the ebb and flow of colored lines, picture Herri moving through this Gobelin tapestry of economic confusion and geopolitics.

Your dream, Herr Hamelt, and your manuscript, Herr Lauscher, interest me.

There was a Madame de Raudon, who certainly had a matinee musicale at Wildbad, accompanied by Herr Spoff, premier pianist to the Hospodar of Wallachia, and my little friend Mr.

I had seen the slaves of the Harra, cringing in their fear of being touched and used, and I regretted then that the Herra were sisters to the Hosta, rather than blood enemies.