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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hest \Hest\ (h[e^]st), n. [AS. h[=ae]s, fr. h[=a]tan to call, bid. See Hight, and cf. Behest.] Command; precept; injunction. [Archaic] See Behest. ``At thy hest.''

Let him that yields obey the victor's hest.

Yet I thy hest will all perform, at full.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"bidding, command," Old English hæs "bidding, behest, command," from Proto-Germanic *hait-ti-, from *haitan "to call, name" (see hight (v.)). With -t added in Middle English on model of other pairings (compare wist/wesan).


n. (context obsolete English) command, injunction.


Hest may refer to:

  • Ari Hest (born 1979), American singer-songwriter
  • Greg van Hest (born 1973), Dutch runner
  • Hest, an album by the Norwegian band Kakkmaddafakka

Usage examples of "hest".

I did was disobey the oldest law in Hest, not to go to the Empty World above.

Sure enough, Sithas sent his most loyal general, the dreaded Kencathedrus, to capture and destroy Hest and all his people.

What Vedvedsica had done was open a crack in the ground through which all the people of Hest, from the higHest born to lowest, escaped.

She was the first denizen of Hest that Riverwind had seen with such beautiful dark hair.

As Riverwind watched, the queen of Hest dropped blue powder across the liquid in the basin.

It is said the dying priests cursed the line of Hest and that their ghosts walk the temple, seeking vengeance.

The first son of Hest became king and the children of Vedvedsica his magic counsel.

A balance was reached, and for centuries the people of Hest flourished.

They trapped him at the audience window, where the rulers of Hest were wont to throw coins or gems to the diggers on feast days.

The sword, in fact, had belonged to the great Hest, twenty centuries ago.

Wind was uncommon in Hest, but a slight, swirling breeze stirred the weak stands of grain.

In the center of the hearth fire the giant statue of Hest had been set.

Now their bare, dirty feet trod the mosaic floor where Hest himself had once walked.

And even more weirdly, the statue of Great Hest and the body of Vvelz glowed like beacons.

He saw a brief flutter of gold, then the queen of Hest disappeared from his view.