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Heyl is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Allan Heyl, South African bank robber
  • Brett Heyl (born 1981), American slalom canoer
  • Charles W. Heyl (1857-1936), American politician
  • Jeremy S. Heyl, Canadian astronomer
  • Paul R. Heyl (1872–1961), American physicist
  • Willy Kaiser-Heyl (1876–1953), German film actor

Usage examples of "heyl".

The edifice was very old, antedating the general white settlement of the region, and had formed the home of a strange and secretive family named van der Heyl, which had migrated from Albany in 1746 under a curious cloud of witchcraft suspicion.

Just behind the village, and in sight of the van der Heyl house, is a steep hill crowned with a peculiar ring of ancient standing stones which the Iroquois always regarded with fear and loathing.

The house, village, and extensive rural areas on all sides reverted to the state and were auctioned off in the absence of discoverable van der Heyl heirs.

Chorazin villagers on November 16, 1935, by a state policeman sent to investigate the rumored collapse of the deserted van der Heyl mansion.

It bore the name of Trintje van der Heyl Sleght, and I have a distinct impression that I once met the name of Sleght before, in some significant connection.

It was in low Latin, and full of the strange, crabbed handwriting of Claes van der Heyl, being evidently the diary or notebook kept by him between 1560 and 1580.

It was in search of this Thing, beyond question, that Hendrik van der Heyl came to New-Netherland in 1638.

Old Claes van der Heyl had them ready for something he or his descendants meant to do - and how much older than he they were I could not estimate.

It came from Yian-Ho for a terrible purpose, and to me - who all too late know the thing stream of van der Heyl blood that trickles down through the Sleghts into my own lineage - has descended the hideous task of fulfilling that purpose.

What if Claes van der Heyl was my ancestor - need I expiate his nameless sin?

So far as I can ascertain from Professor Heyler, an old German who was in van Heerden's service and who seems a fairly honest man, the doctor nearly lost the culture, and it was only by sending out small quantities to various seedy scientists and getting them to experiment in the cultivation of the germ under various conditions that he found the medium in which they best flourish.