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Hemu (; also known as Hemu Vikramaditya and Hemchandra Vikramaditya) (died 5 November 1556) was a Hindu general and Chief Minister of Adil Shah Suri of the Suri Dynasty during a period in Indian history when the Mughals and Afghans were vying for power across North India. He fought Afghan rebels across North India from the Punjab to Bengal and the Mughal forces of Akbar and Humayun in Agra and Delhi, winning 22 battles for Adil Shah.

Hemu claimed royal status after defeating Akbar's Mughal forces on 7 October 1556 in the Battle of Delhi and assumed the ancient title of Vikramaditya that had been adopted by many Hindu kings in the past. A month later, Hemu was wounded by a chance arrow and captured during the Second Battle of Panipat. Akbar's regent, Bairam Khan beheaded him shortly thereafter.

Hemu (disambiguation)

Hemu may refer to:

  • Hemu, a 16th-century Hindu emperor in India
  • HEMU-430X, South Korean high-speed train
  • Hemu Adhikari (1919–2003), an Indian cricketer
  • Hemu Kalani, a Sindhi revolutionary and freedom fighter
  • Haute école de musique de Lausanne, the Conservatory of Lausanne (Switzerland)