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Helt may refer to:-

  • Helt Township, Vermillion County, Indiana
  • John Helt, Danish soccer player

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Usage examples of "helt".

Giving the little girl a playful poke, he dashed down an arbored path, followed helter skelter by all the others.

She slid helter skelter down another roof, catching sight in that moment of a streak of dawn light between the hills, then over gables and chimney stacks and down, swooping, into a square where the birds were already tuning up for the day.

The bout is to be helt up at Fort Wayne, an Mike come by to pick us up an is blowin the horn outside, an I axed Jenny if she is ready.

Helt brought up the rear, a giant shield, his wounded face bleeding again and frightening to look at, a great pike snatched from an attacker thrusting and cutting all who tried to slip past his guard.