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vb. (context obsolete English) To take hold of; to grasp, hold.


Hend may refer to:

  • Hend Al-Mansour (born 1956), Saudi Arabian-American artist
  • Hend Sabry (born 1979), Tunisian actress
  • Scott Hend (born 1973), Australian golfer

Usage examples of "hend".

Kerner, not being a Southerner, did not comprehend, so he sat, sentimental, figuring on his flat in his sordid, artistic way, while I gazed into the green eyes of the sophisticated Spirit of Wormwood.

He had experienced it, and he used that experience to shape something he could hend, if not understand.

He was shot with an Uzi, and ballistics matched the fatal bullet to the Uzi that wild man was shooting in here the night we apprehended them.

Margaret, who had schooled herself to look upon her audience as if they were not, suddenly comprehended among them another soul who understood her own.

She searched his face for some sign that he compre hended her feeling of failure.

Tracing an accused murderer across two states and apprehending him on a bail-bond forfeiture?

When he looked back, Spyce Hender drooped on the plastene chair, sunk into self-willed tardema-sleep.

Hendred, upon arrival in Cavendish Square, announced her intention of instantly retiring to bed, she said, with more amusement than concern: “Yes, if you wish, ma’am, but I warn you I am not to be so easily fobbed off!

Tubes belched jellied gasoline, what used to be called napalm, at the uncompre hending Cardassians.