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n. (plural of het English)


Hets or HETS may refer to:

  • Het peoples
  • Heavy Equipment Transport System, a military logistics vehicle
  • Helicopter External Transport System
  • Torment (1944 film) (Swedish: )

Usage examples of "hets".

The discovery of the Hets is more important than any paleontological research we were going to do.

When they send the big multinational mission next year, they can haul the Hets forward, if it seems the right thing to do.

This is it, the one and only opportunity to save the Hets from extinction.

There must have been Hets throbbing their way throughout the structure of the ship.

How could the Hets not be thrilled by the mere knowledge of the rosette-makers being out there somewhere?

About half of the ornithomimids, looking like plucked ostriches, were likely hosting Hets, for they were looking intently at the tableau of tanks and triceratopses.

I zoomed in on its shattered skull and saw a phosphorescent blue lump the size of a beach ballmuch larger than any of the Hets I had yet seenoozing out of the splintered bone onto the blood-saturated soil.

If the Hets had stumbled onto humans involved in those cruel sports, what would they have made of us?

I guess the Hets felt they could comfortably remain in our bodies for that long.

But, beyond that, the Hets have done some direct genetic tinkering recently, fine-tuning existing dinosaurs to be better suited for war.

Martian shellfish, but the ancestral Hets enslaved the Hands and used the iron filaments as general manipulators.

Hands built spaceships for the Hets, ships that moved by polarizing gravity.

The belt world was small enough for the Hets and their Hands to move around comfortably, but Earth was much too massive.

The Hets assumed that any intelligence would be as violent as their own, so they forced the Hands to build war machines, ready to meet the rosette-makers whom they felt were bound to come and try to conquer them.

I supposed that if the Hets needed a living crane, flying one in presented no problem for them.