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Heim is the German and Norwegian equivalent of the English word home. It is a common German and Norwegian suffix in place names (for example Mannheim and Trondheim).

In Norwegian place names, the Old Norse word heimr is often weakened to just -um, -eim, -im, or even just -m. See for instance Bærum, Elverum, Modum, Sørum, Bjerkreim, Askim and Sem. The old form has, however, been revived in some names - see for instance Austrheim, Grindheim, Jessheim and Jotunheimen.

Heim may refer to:

Heim (surname)

Heim is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Heim (1849–1937), Swiss geologist
  • Aribert Heim (1914–1992), Austrian doctor and formerly one of the world's most wanted Nazi war criminals
  • Bruno Heim (1911–2003), Vatican's first Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain
  • Burkhard Heim (1925–2001), German physicist
  • Ernst Ludwig Heim (1747–1834), German physician
  • Ferdinand Heim (1895–1977), German general (not to be confused with Aribert Ferdinand Heim)
  • François Joseph Heim (1787–1865), French painter
  • Irene Heim, American linguist, specialist in semantics
  • Jacques Heim (1899–1967), French (Parisian) designer and manufacturer
  • Kay Heim (born 1917), Canadian-American professional baseball player
  • Detlef Heim (born 1963)
  • Scott Heim (born 1966), American novelist

Fictional characters:

  • Rick Heim, a correctional officer in the HBO drama Oz