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Heli (biblical figure)

Heli is a Biblical individual mentioned in the Gospel of Luke as an ancestor of Jesus.

In Luke's account of the genealogy of Jesus from David via David's son Nathan, Heli is listed before Joseph, husband of Mary and after Matthat.

Luke 3:23 Jesus, when he began his ministry, was about thirty years of age, being the son (as was supposed) of Joseph, of Heli, of Matthat, of Levi (...)

Heli is not mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus from David via David's son Solomon in the Gospel of Matthew, the only other canonical gospel to include a genealogy; that genealogy instead identifies "Jacob" as Joseph's putative father.


Heli, also heli, heli- may refer to:

Heli (name)

Heli is a Finnish female given name. Its nameday is the 20th of February. It might have originated as a variation of the name Helena, although it is not certain.

It reached the peak of its popularity in the middle of the 20th century. As of December 2012, there are more than 17,000 people registered in Finland with this name.

The name also exists in Estonia.

Heli (film)

Heli is a 2013 independent Mexican crime drama film directed by Amat Escalante and produced by Jaime Romandía. Featuring newcomers Armando Espitia, Andrea Vergara, Linda González, and Juan Eduardo Palacios, the film premiered in competition for the Palme d'Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Escalante won the Best Director award at the ceremony. While being appreciative of the film's technical aspects, film critics were divided in their opinion of the film itself. Heli was selected to represent Mexico at the 86th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, but it was not nominated.

Usage examples of "heli".

We moved the rocks pinning down the edge of the tarpaulin and dragged it off the heli, filling the air with dust.

I really needed to know I walked over to the heli and kicked the tyres.

The heli plunged downwards as I pushed the cyclic forward a touch too far.

I tried again, nosing the heli around within the tight confines of the compound.

I stared at them, trying to read the shapes, then I dumped the collective and sent the heli plunging back towards the ground as shots rang out above the thunder of the engine.

I killed the engine, hit the belt release and was out of the heli in seconds, ducking under the rotors as they wound down.

I held the heli in a tight spiralling climb over the compound, and Jeff kept his grip on the flare release, his knuckles white as he punched out clusters of flares, counting down the intervals between launches, the five seconds it took for each white hot flare to burn itself out.

Before she had finished speaking I had thrown the heli into a hard left-hand break and hauled the collective up to the stops.

As I held the heli in its corkscrew dive, I glimpsed a burst of smoke and flame on the ground below and to our right.

If they want a heli crew there must be at least a hundred others as good or better than us.

I swung the heli due south, over the desert towards the frontier with Baluchistan.

We believe that, although well protected, sites A and B are both vulnerable to attack by raiding parties inserted by heli at low level.

I felt the heli begin to move and paddled the right rudder gently, easing clear of the tail of a parked Jaguar.

Jeff checked below and then talked me down, metre by metre, as I slowly lowered the collective, adjusting the cyclic to trim the heli as it descended.

I left Jeff and the rest of the ground crew ripping out the insulation from the heli, while Janks and I walked over to the Here.