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n. (context obsolete English) rank; order; condition; quality.


Hede may refer to:

  • Hede, Sheyang County (合德镇), town in and seat of Sheyang County, Jiangsu, China
  • Hédé-Bazouges, commune in Ille-et-Vilaine, France
  • Hede, Sweden, locality in Härjedalen Municipality, Jämtland County

Usage examples of "hede".

We parst the beautiful village of Limy, which lookt sweet indeed, with its neat white cottages, Institoots of learnin and other evijences of civillizashun, incloodin a party of bald heded cullered men was playing 3 card monty on the stoop of the Red Eagle tavern.

The lenkthe of an eln3erde the large hede hade, The grayn al of grene stele and of golde hewen, The bit burnyst bry3t, with a brod egge As wel schapen to schere as scharp rasores, The stele of a stif staf the sturne hit bi grypte, That wat3 wounden wyth yrn to the wandez ende, And al bigrauen with grene in gracios werkes.

Thenn Arthour bifore the hi3 dece that auenture byholde3, And rekenly hym reuerenced, for rad was he neuer, And sayde, "Wy3e, welcum iwys to this place, The hede of this ostel Arthour I hat.

Bot the poynte3 payred at the pyth that py3t in his scheldez, And the barbe3 of his browe bite non wolde-- Tha3 the schauen schaft schyndered in pece3, The hede hypped a3ayn were-so-euer hit hitte.

Yclothed was she fressh, for to devyse, Hir yelow heer was broyded in a tresse, Bihynde hir bak, a yerde long, I gesse, And in the gardyn, at the sonne upriste, She walketh up and doun, and as hir liste She gadereth floures, party white and rede, To make a subtil gerland for hir hede, And as an aungel hevenysshly she soong.