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n. (context military slang English) helicopter


HELO or Helo may refer to:

  • Hello, in the Welsh language
  • Hello, in the Malay language
  • HELO, a command used in the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • Helo, the callsign for Karl Agathon in the television series Battlestar Galactica
  • HELO, the Huddersfield Experimental Laptop Orchestra, based within the University of Huddersfield music department
  • A helicopter

Usage examples of "helo".

A platoon could be heloed in to the American embassy in Bangkok in order to reinforce security there.

Liang Corporate helo, a silent eggbeater design favored for its smooth ride, and tried to hold herself together.

No gunfire, shouts, sirens, helos, or car heaters, just low-volume hiss and mush as Finnish police talked Finnish police stuff on the scanner.

We had these teams set up to escort the refugees out of the helos and over to a holding area.

Joint Staff that in addition to help from the Tenth Mountain Division Quick Reaction Force, they also have a Marine Expeditionary Unit with tanks, light armored vehicles, helos, gunships, and Harriers aboard the amphibious ready group offshore.

British AV -8 Harrier jump jets and some helos over there, and the C-130 that we use for our HA-HO jumps.

A small cadre of deck crew spotted and prepped the helos and adjusted the chocks and chains as the pilots and aircrewmen strapped in.

The backseater was located and picked up by the SAR helo from Shiloh .

There was no way she could maintain that pace and try to talk to him at the same time, so theyd walked in silence for hours, stopping only during the sudden occasional cloudbursts, when the rain got too heavy to see their feet, or when the helo passed overhead.

Nassau, the MEF's amphibious assault ship, would provide a mobile landing field for the SEAL helos, but it would take a couple of days yet to get them into position off the Horn of Africa.

Flown back to the amphibious assault ship's flight deck, they'd been greeted before they even climbed out of the helo by a team of hospital corpsmen and a ship's doctor who'd bundled Garcia, strapped into a Stokes wire-frame stretcher, off to sick bay.

Scarcely had the second depth charge fallen free when the helo leaped upward and raced northeast.

Shards of carbonized steel ripped through the helos like fragmentation grenades, slashing through the metal sides and Plexiglas windows like tissue paper.

The ten worst cases, all scald/burns and broken limbs, were loaded aboard after the helo was refueled, and Morris watched it lift off for the beach.

But she walked the rounds up towards the machinegun position and onto it just as the helo stopped to let the stretcher bearers load the wounded.