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Hess (crater)

Hess is a lunar crater that lies in the southern hemisphere on the far side of the Moon. The crater rim has been worn by subsequent impacts, leaving a low, eroded outer wall. The flat interior has been resurfaced by lava flows and is free of significant impacts. This floor has a slightly darker albedo than the surrounding terrain.

The crater Boyle is nearly attached to the northeastern rim of Hess, and Abbe lies to the south. To the west is the large walled plain Poincaré, and Hess is located at the eastern edge of the crater's deeply eroded outer rim. The satellite crater Hess Z is partly overlaid by the northern rim of Hess. The small crater Hess M joins the south-southwest rim of Hess to the northwest rim of Abbe.

Hess (surname)

Hess or Heß, a German and Ashkenazic surname, meaning somebody originally from the region of Hesse, may refer to:

  • András Hess, Hungarian printer
  • Bernhard Hess (born 1966), Swiss politician
  • Bernhard von Heß (1792–1869), Bavarian Lieutenant General and War Minister
  • Carl von Hess (1863–1923), German ophthalmologist
  • Catherina Heß, (born 1985), German actress
  • Damian Hess aka MC Frontalot, nerdcore rapper
  • Dean Hess (1917-2015), American Air Force Colonel
  • Elizabeth Hess (born 1953), Canadian actress
  • Elmar Hess (born 1966), German artist
  • Eric Hess, American wrestler
  • Erika Hess (born 1962), Swiss alpine skier
  • Fred Hess (born 1944), American jazz musician
  • Fred Hess (Wisconsin) (1858-1925), American politician
  • Germain Henri Hess (1802–1850), Russian-Swiss chemist
  • Gregory Hess (born 1962), 16th President of Wabash College
  • Hans-Georg Hess (1923-2008), German U-boat captain
  • John Jacob Hess (1584-1639), Swiss-German Anabaptist minister and martyr
  • Harry Hammond Hess (1906–1969), American geologist best known for his theories on sea floor spreading
  • Harry Hess, American college sports coach
  • Harvey Hess (1939-2012), American lyric poet
  • Heinrich von Heß (1788–1870), Austrian fieldmarshall
  • Heinrich Maria von Hess, German painter
  • , Swiss drawer, painter, caricaturist (1799-1850)

  • Jake Hess, American southern gospel vocalist
  • Jared Hess (born 1979), American writer and director of Napoleon Dynamite
  • Johann Heß (Hesse), (1490–1547), German theologian
  • Karl Hess (1923–1994), American speechwriter and author
  • Karl Hess (painter) (1801-1874), German painter
  • Leon Hess Founder, Chairman of the Board & CEO of Hess Corporation and the New York Jets NFL Football franchise until his death
  • Markus Hess, German hacker
  • Michael A. Hess (1952-1995), American lawyer
  • Moses Hess (1812–1875), Jewish philosopher and proto-Zionist
  • Myra Hess (1890–1965), British pianist
  • Nigel Hess, British composer
  • Ortwin Hess, British optician and physicist
  • Orvan Hess (1906–2002), doctor who invented the fetal heart monitor
  • Peter von Hess, German painter
  • Rudolf Hess (Heß) (1894–1987), Deputy Führer of Nazi Germany
  • Victor Francis Hess (1883–1964), Austrian-American physicist who discovered cosmic rays
  • Walter Rudolf Hess (1881–1973), Swiss physiologist who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1949
  • Willy Hess (violinist) (1859–1939), German famous violin virtuoso
  • Willy Hess (composer) (1906–1997), Swiss musicologist, composer, and famous Beethoven scholar
  • Wolf Rüdiger Hess (Heß) (1937–2001), German architect, right extremist and son of Rudolf Hess

Usage examples of "hess".

There were more gothic movie monsters, sado porn of graphic severity, and portraits of some of their cultural iconsJim Morrison, Morthland, Lord Byron, Bela Lugosi, Bradford Hess, Ed Gein, John Lydon, and Freddie the Psycho.

Hess, Herder, Paulus, Schleiermacher, Hase, Neander, Ebrard, Weisse, Ewald, Keim, and Renan must be content to lie in oblivion.

Muse and Schmooze critique group members: Shawn Downs, Laurie Edwards, Julie Good, Lisa Hess, Anne Kline, Steve Klotz, Maggie Martz, Lori Myers, Kim Stanford, Jackie Werth, Michael Wertz, Judy Wolfman and Nancy Yeager.

The so-called Anschluss law was also promulgated the same day at Linz by the German government and signed by Hitler, Goering, Ribbentrop, Frick and Hess.

He had been right halfback in the same backfield at Waterford High where I had played fullback, Mike Hess had been the left half, and Capers Middleton had called signals at quarterback.

By then, as we later learned, the general had already gotten in touch with Mike Hess and Capers Middleton.

Tobassa and Hess continued to inoculate the other cadets, Lane turned to Govenoral Nema.

Aboard this vessel was a fancy new depth sounder called a fathometer, which was designed to facilitate inshore maneuvers during beach landings, but Hess realized that it could equally well be used for scientific purposes and never switched it off, even when far out at sea, even in the heat of battle.

In 1963, using magnetic studies of the Atlantic Ocean floor, they demonstrated conclusively that the seafloors were spreading in precisely the manner Hess had suggested and that the continents were in motion too.

Often she castigated herself for such shows of childishness, but Cressida was no "Patient Griselda' however often she promised herself that she would make an effort to curb this tendency towards waspish hess She was an excellent horsewoman and did not find the long hours in the saddle too trying.