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Heid may refer to:

  • Heid (name)
  • Lake Heid, a lake in Grisons, Switzerland
  • Heiðr, a seeress and witch in Norse mythology
Heid (name)

Heid is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Bill Heid (born 1948), American jazz musician
  • Chris Heid (born 1983), Canadian-German ice hockey player
  • Jack Heid (1924–1987), American cyclist
  • Heid E. Erdrich (born 1963), Native American writer

Usage examples of "heid".

Ah run n kick the boy n the leg, aimin fir ehs baws, n Gentleman brings the half-boatil ay voddy doon oan toap ay ehs heid.

Kill the thing, aye, fair enough, but tae dae what Doyle did shows thit ye urnae right in the heid.

It runs from a lofty gowl in the Grampians down to the slate-mines at Ballachulish, at the heid of the loch called Linnhe, which runs down to plash the shores of Mull and spaw into the Atlantic.

But the ministry in these days is a kittle job, for the preachers are ower crouse, and the Kirk has got its heid ower high.

Thair is Chryst Jesus the King, and his Kingdome the Kirk, whase subject King James the Saxt is, and of whase kingdome nocht a king nor a lord nor a heid, bot a member.

Ma thoats stoap n freeze inside muh heid whin the boy pills ma knife oot ay this bag.

Aw ah thoat aboot wis sex when ah wis inside, but when ah goat oot, ah hud loads ay shite in ma heid cause ay that Gail cow and ah couldnae get it up.

The big Thalesian laid it on the mounded-up stones of the grave of the Earl of Heid, took up a rock and cracked the skull open as casually as a man might crack a walnut.

It gars him fling his heid back, and set his een richt afore him--no turn them in upo his ain inside!

Terry spits oot, hands oan ehs hips, shakin ehs heid, pittin me in mind ay an exasperated fitba player whae expects nae justice fae a biased referee.

Then thir wis the cooler heids whae saw it as a civil war and wanted tae calm things doon.

Ah couldnae hav been lookin whate ah wiz goin coz a giv ma heid a terribil dunt on some ded low doorway.

The sorserir gave me directshins an sum advyce an that, but ah had a nippy heid at the time coz and been drinkin the wine the night befoar an so ah didnae reelly take in aw he wiz sayin an besides ah woz all ecsited coz ah wiz getting tae go intae the Underground at last.

I tell you fair: if I but kent the heid of a Hebrew word from the hurdies of it, be dammed but I would fling the whole thing up and turn minister!

Insted he brings oot this funny wee thing like a cat or a munkey, aw cuverd in blak fur wi a pear aw wee blak wings on its bak an cros-eyes, an he stiks it on ma showdder an ses 'Thare you go my boy,' an I wiz a bit leery ken, cos it wiz an ugly wee bugir an sittin gie cloase tae ma heid, but a stil had ma sord at the majishin's throte, so I lookd at this skely-eyed thing an sed 'whare's this auld bugir's gold then?