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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hert \Hert\, n. A hart. [Obs.]


HERT ( Hacker Emergency Response Team) was founded in January 1998 by Anthony Zboralski, David Nataf and Cedric Le Biavant. HERT is a startup with active members in over 30 countries.

HERT is a technology security startup based in London, England.

HERT offers security services to celebrities, public figures and high value individuals.

The HERT team consists of Leader Anthony Zboralski and current team members Matthieu Suiche, Jim Geovedi, Hubert Chenut and Leedham Te Kani. There are a large number of additional members who participate on a rotational basis.

Usage examples of "hert".

The clever deevil had his entrails in his breest and his hert in his belly, and regairdet neither God nor his ain mither.

And, sir, ye maunna try to gar me tell, for I hae no richt, and surely ye canna hae the hert to gar me!

Whan I see a man that but minds me o' _Him_, my hert rises wi' a loup, as gien it wad 'maist lea' my body ahint it.

It maks a man straucht i' the back, strong i' the airm, and bauld i' the hert.

And he luflyly hit hym laft, and lyfte vp his honde, And gef hym Godde3 blessyng, and gladly hym biddes That his hert and his honde schulde hardi be bothe.

Quoth that burde to the burne, "Blame 3e disserue, Yghif 3e luf not that lyf that yghe lye nexte, Bifore alle the wy3e3 in the worlde wounded in hert, Bot if 3e haf a lemman, a leuer, that yow lyke3 better, And folden fayth to that fre, festned so harde That yow lausen ne lyst--and that I leue nouthe.