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vb. (en-third-person singular of: hew)

Usage examples of "hews".

Still, he had seen enough to realize that the young and ambitious grangeling who stood before him, wearing the white and gold of Hews and carrying a five-foot greatsword on his back, might one day make a bid for his place.

Lisereth Hews, Lady of the Eastern Granges, had said, her voice rapidly becoming shrewish.

It was a ridiculously trumped-up claim, of course, but Lisereth Hews was a dangerous woman.

The white and the gold of the Hews suited her just as well as it suited any man.

Four of the past ten surlords had come from House Hews, and the good lady was scheming to place her son as the fifth.

The great old houses of Hews, Crieff, Stornoway, Gryphon, Pengaron, and Mar would find battles aplenty soon enough.

Iss flipped the lid on a silver box crusted with emeralds that had once belonged to the Surlord Rannock Hews, whom Borhis Horgo had slain in the black mud of Hound's Mire forty years earlier while five Forsworn held him down with the heels of their boots.

A thousand years ago Haldor Hews rode out with a warhost and claimed the ranging ground south of the Spill and all land west of the Skagway.

Here, in this very chamber, Connad Hews had been held captive for thirty days of his hundred-day rule.

I saw he was of the material from which nature hews her heroes -- Christian and Pagan -- her lawgivers, her statesmen, her conquerors: a steadfast bulwark for great interests to rest upon.

Howling in its hunger, hews it through the iron, sings in cloven skullbones, slakes itself in bloodstreams.

His sword screamed and crashed, hewing enemies as a woodman hews saplings, a blur of blue flame in the night.