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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hern \Hern\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A heron; esp., the common European heron. ``A stately hern.''


Etymology 1 n. (context obsolete or dialectal English) corner. Etymology 2

alt. (context obsolete outside British and American dialects especially Appalachian English) hers; her own. pron. (context obsolete outside British and American dialects especially Appalachian English) hers; her own. Etymology 3

n. (context dialectal or poetic English) heron.


Hern is an English masculine given name meaning "mythical hunter". There are variants including the Celtic Herne ("mythical hunter God"), associated with Herne the Hunter. Hern is also common as a surname, including the British Isles variant "A'hern" and the Irish variant "O'Hern". Recorded alternative spellings include Harn, Hearn, Hearne and Herne. People with the name Hern include:

  • Dick Hern (1921–2002), British horse trainer
  • Tom Hern (born 1984), New Zealand actor
  • Riley Hern (1880–1929), Canadian ice hockey goaltender
  • Warren Hern (born ?), American physician
  • Bertie Ahern (born 1951), Irish prime minister from 1997-2008.
  • Basia A'Hern (born 1989), English-born Australian actor
  • Nicholas A'Hern (born 1969), Australian race walker
  • Nick O'Hern (born 1971), Australian golfer

Usage examples of "hern".

Legion and du Mer, Brelan Saur and Hern Arbra took their meals in the kitchens.

If they can block Theamh that lifts the block on Lythril, and allows Hern to do it herself.

Isadora was tempted to tell Mahri that Hern was an inadequate lover with an unusually small male appendage, but she was wise enough to know that tale would come back to bite her.

He easily spotted Vinnie Dominick, Freddie Capuso, and Richie Herns at one of the upholstered booths along with a pair of buxom, miniskirted bimbos.

Hern Six is still on its way there, and unless something unlikely happens to it, it will go right on to the Cloud, through it, and on into deep intergalactic space.

And there was another, major reason: when all of Hern VI's axial rotation had been converted to orbital motion, .

Ten minutes later, a Salem Police detective, Lieutenant James Stovall, who was assigned as Liaison Officer to the Marion County District Attorney’s Office, arrived with Assistant DA Jim Hern to join the investigation.