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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
ins and outs
▪ I don’t really know all the ins and outs of the matter.
the ins and outs
▪ I don’t really know all the ins and outs of the matter.
▪ "How old is Philip now?" "He's four in December".
▪ "Where's Annie?" "She's in the yard."
▪ a couple of boys in baseball caps
▪ All these memories of Judith are still fresh in my mind.
▪ an expert in nuclear physics
▪ Bob's out working in the yard.
▪ Did you read that article in "Newsweek"?
▪ Do not write in pen on this test.
▪ European manufacturers are facing ever increasing competition from companies in the Far East.
▪ Everybody stand against the wall in a straight line.
▪ Everyone in town knew Archie.
▪ Francis and his friend were drinking tea in his room.
▪ Gerry should be home in an hour.
▪ He did a lot of abstract art in the sixties, but he's moved on since then.
▪ He died in the war.
▪ He lived in Boston for four years.
▪ He made a bowl in the shape of a heart.
▪ His early comedies were filmed in black and white.
▪ Homelessness is a major problem in society today.
▪ I'll be back in a couple of days.
▪ Can you color in this picture of a teddy bear for me?
▪ Her flight's not in yet.
▪ Her second serve was just in.
▪ Long hair is in again.
▪ Ms. Shaewitz isn't in yet this morning.
▪ She pushed the box toward me so that I could put my money in.
▪ Should we wait out here, or should we go in?
▪ The Republicans are in now, but for how long?
▪ We need to make plans for next week, so are you in or out?
▪ What time does his bus get in?
▪ Write in your name and address at the bottom.
▪ You're never in when I call.
▪ Your final papers have to be in by Friday.
▪ Alistair rushed in as we hoard the record loudly scraped off the turntable.
▪ Don't write out cheques to your adviser - always make them payable to the company you're investing in.
▪ Jody puts Jess in, hoping her intensity will spark some-thing.
▪ Nothing remained that had not been ripped, smashed or kicked in.
▪ Cycling to work has become the in thing to do.
▪ Gstaad is the in place to go skiing in winter.
▪ Purple seems to be in this year.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

In \In\, adv.

  1. Not out; within; inside. In, the preposition, becomes an adverb by omission of its object, leaving it as the representative of an adverbial phrase, the context indicating what the omitted object is; as, he takes in the situation (i. e., he comprehends it in his mind); the Republicans were in (i. e., in office); in at one ear and out at the other (i. e., in or into the head); his side was in (i. e., in the turn at the bat); he came in (i. e., into the house).

    Their vacation . . . falls in so pat with ours.

    Note: The sails of a vessel are said, in nautical language, to be in when they are furled, or when stowed. In certain cases in has an adjectival sense; as, the in train (i. e., the incoming train); compare up grade, down grade, undertow, afterthought, etc.

  2. (Law) With privilege or possession; -- used to denote a holding, possession, or seisin; as, in by descent; in by purchase; in of the seisin of her husband.

    In and in breeding. See under Breeding.

    In and out (Naut.), through and through; -- said of a through bolt in a ship's side.

    To be in, to be at home; as, Mrs. A. is in.

    To come in. See under Come.


In \In\ ([i^]n), v. t. To inclose; to take in; to harvest. [Obs.]

He that ears my land spares my team and gives me leave to in the crop.


In \In\, n. Note: [Usually in the plural.]

  1. One who is in office; -- the opposite of out.

  2. A re["e]ntrant angle; a nook or corner. Ins and outs,

    1. nooks and corners; twists and turns.

    2. the peculiarities or technicalities (of a subject); intricacies; details; -- used with of; as, he knew the ins and outs of the Washington power scene.

      All the ins and outs of this neighborhood.
      --D. Jerrold.


In \In\, prep. [AS. in; akin to D. & G. in, Icel. [=i], Sw. & Dan. i, OIr. & L. in, Gr. 'en. [root]197. Cf. 1st In-, Inn.] The specific signification of in is situation or place with respect to surrounding, environment, encompassment, etc. It is used with verbs signifying being, resting, or moving within limits, or within circumstances or conditions of any kind conceived of as limiting, confining, or investing, either wholly or in part. In its different applications, it approaches some of the meanings of, and sometimes is interchangeable with, within, into, on, at, of, and among. It is used:

  1. With reference to space or place; as, he lives in Boston; he traveled in Italy; castles in the air.

    The babe lying in a manger.
    --Luke ii. 16.

    Thy sun sets weeping in the lowly west.

    Situated in the forty-first degree of latitude.

    Matter for censure in every page.

  2. With reference to circumstances or conditions; as, he is in difficulties; she stood in a blaze of light. ``Fettered in amorous chains.''

    Wrapt in sweet sounds, as in bright veils.

  3. With reference to a whole which includes or comprises the part spoken of; as, the first in his family; the first regiment in the army.

    Nine in ten of those who enter the ministry.

  4. With reference to physical surrounding, personal states, etc., abstractly denoted; as, I am in doubt; the room is in darkness; to live in fear.

    When shall we three meet again, In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

  5. With reference to character, reach, scope, or influence considered as establishing a limitation; as, to be in one's favor. ``In sight of God's high throne.''

    Sounds inharmonious in themselves, and harsh.

  6. With reference to movement or tendency toward a certain limit or environment; -- sometimes equivalent to into; as, to put seed in the ground; to fall in love; to end in death; to put our trust in God.

    He would not plunge his brother in despair.

    She had no jewels to deposit in their caskets.

  7. With reference to a limit of time; as, in an hour; it happened in the last century; in all my life. In as much as, or Inasmuch as, in the degree that; in like manner as; in consideration that; because that; since. See Synonym of Because, and cf. For as much as, under For, prep. In that, because; for the reason that. ``Some things they do in that they are men . . .; some things in that they are men misled and blinded with error.'' --Hooker. In the name of, in behalf of; on the part of; by authority; as, it was done in the name of the people; -- often used in invocation, swearing, praying, and the like. To be in for it.

    1. To be in favor of a thing; to be committed to a course.

    2. To be unable to escape from a danger, penalty, etc. To be in with or To keep in with.

      1. To be close or near; as, to keep a ship in with the land.

      2. To be on terms of friendship, familiarity, or intimacy with; to secure and retain the favor of. [Colloq.]

        Syn: Into; within; on; at. See At.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English in (prep.) "in, into, upon, on, at, among; about, during;" inne (adv.) "within, inside," from Proto-Germanic *in (cognates: Old Frisian, Dutch, German, Gothic in, Old Norse i), from PIE *en "in" (cognates: Greek en, Latin in "in, into," Old Irish in, Welsh yn-, Old Church Slavonic on-). As an adjective from 1590s.\n

\nThe forms merged in Middle English. Modern sense distinction between in and on is from later Middle English. Sense of "holding power" (the in party) first recorded c.1600; that of "exclusive" (the in-crowd, an in-joke) is from 1907 (in-group); that of "stylish, fashionable" (the in thing) is from 1960. The noun sense of "influence, access" (have an in with) first recorded 1929 in American English. In-and-out "copulation" is attested from 1610s.


Etymology 1 prep. 1 (non-gloss definition: Used to indicate location, inclusion, or position within spatial, temporal or other limits) 2 # contain by. 3 # within. vb. (context obsolete transitive English) To enclose; to take in; to harvest. Etymology 2

  1. 1 In fashion; popular. 2 Incoming. 3 (context nautical of the sails of a vessel English) Furled or stowed. 4 (context legal English) With privilege or possession; used to denote a holding, possession, or seisin. adv. 1 (lb en not comparable) Located indoors, especially at home or the office, or inside something. 2 move to the interior of a defined space, such as a building or room. 3 (lb en sports) Still eligible to play, e.g. able to bat in cricket and baseball. 4 (lb en UK) Abbreviation of in aid of. 5 After the beginning of something. n. 1 A position of power or a way to get it. 2 (context sport English) The state of a batter/batsman who is currently batting – see ''innings'' 3 A re-entrant angle; a nook or corner. Etymology 3

    n. inch.

  1. adj. holding office; "the in party" [syn: in(p)]

  2. directed or bound inward; "took the in bus"; "the in basket" [syn: in(a)]

  3. currently fashionable; "the in thing to do"; "large shoulder pads are in"

  1. adv. to or toward the inside of; "come in"; "smash in the door" [syn: inwards, inward]

  2. inside an enclosed space [ant: out]

  1. n. a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot [syn: inch]

  2. a rare soft silvery metallic element; occurs in small quantities in sphalerite [syn: indium, atomic number 49]

  3. a state in midwestern United States [syn: Indiana, Hoosier State]


IN, In or in may refer to:

In (The Outsiders album)

The Outsiders In – also known as simply In or In! – is the third studio album by the Outsiders. It is the first album released by the band that did not make the Billboard charts.

In (Korean name)

In is an uncommon Korean family name and an element in Korean given names. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write it.

Usage examples of "in".

Give me the Saltings of Essex with the east winds blowing over them, and the primroses abloom upon the bank, and the lanes fetlock deep in mud, and for your share you may take all the scented gardens of Sinan and the cups and jewels of his ladies, with the fightings and adventures of the golden East thrown in.

He always knew if someone was absent, but the rule of thumb was that unless he was asked a direct question he would not volunteer this information and therefore would not have to lie or turn the absentee in.

The entire county could be listening in, but too much time had passed and Banish needed to talk to Abies now.

Kelly was busy running an acceleration recompute when the update for this particular maneuver came in, so I took over the computer and input the change.

When we get to Achillea we slingshot round the moon onto a Lalonde trajectory and jump in.

If the Supreme Court of the United States shall decide that States cannot exclude slavery from their limits, are you in favor of acquiescing in, adopting, and following such decision as a rule of political action?

Supreme Court of the United States shall decide that the States cannot exclude slavery from their limits, are you in favor of acquiescing in, adhering to, and following such decision as a rule of political action?

If Addis takes you in, he will fight a war before he lets harm come to you.

Her metabolic enhancer kicked in, flooding her body with extra adrenaline and inducing extra adenosine triphosphate.

I gave in, saying that I could not refuse anything to the adorable woman who had honoured me with the name of husband.

inserts-also known as fi-eestanding inserts, these promotional materials are produced by the advertiser and then inserted into publications, either blown in or bound in.

Every weekend, the Yanks had a wild brawl down on the se afront and the police were called in.

To-day, when Afy drove in, I asked Bag who she was, and he said it was his aunt, Lady de Courcy.

After Lady Agatine and Tarise arranged a bedding of blankets, Veliaz lifted Sela in, then went back for Tamsa.

I had only to walk in, there was no house in Agios Georgios where I would not be welcome, so young and pretty, and speaking such good Greek .