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broken in

vb. (past participle of break in English)

broken in

adj. tamed or trained to obey; "a horse broken to the saddle"; "this old nag is well broken in" [syn: broken]

Broken In

Broken In is the third album by American country music singer Trent Willmon. It was released in February 2008 on the independent Compadre Records label. None of its singles — the title track, " There Is a God" or "Cold Beer and a Fishing Pole" — entered the Hot Country Songs charts. The track "It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You" was previously recorded by the duo McHayes, whose version from their unreleased 2003 album Lessons in Lonely was a #41-peaking country single in 2003.

Two of the album's songs were later recorded by other artists. Jason Aldean released " The Truth" as a single from his 2009 album Wide Open. Lee Ann Womack released " There Is a God" in November 2009, though it was not subsequently featured on an album.

Usage examples of "broken in".

There is also a bunkhouse (part of the roof broken in but it's otherwise in good shape) and a number of plastic horses (a couple with only three legs) for the corral.

The wind blew hard from the east and the ground was broken in short ridges of hills coming down close {from} the forest so you could not get above it without sending your scent on ahead of you on the wind to warn everything.

Below us, to the right, the country was rough and broken in hills and stretches of meadow and then a steep fall of timber that ran to the blue hills we had seen to the westward beyond the huts where the Roman and his family lived.

He might be away somewhere lecturing, for instanceand his house might have been broken into and used by some gang of crooks.