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Word usage examples

She made her departure as Seyt turned back to Kyra again and took her hand.

He then remained silent and absorbed in thought, for now that the imminent danger was over, he was reflecting upon what Father seysen had communicated to him, relative to Amine's having revealed the secret whilst in a state of mental aberration.

Winkler, Philosophische Untersuchungen von dem seyn and Wesen der seelen der Thiere, von einzelnen Liebhabern der Weltweisheit.

I realize now that when the seym, the local parliaments, meet and they choose Conrad as duke, he will refuse them.

I think that you alone would have the prestige to call together all the seym here to Cracow and have them come.

Wawel Castle and spent the day there talking to any that I could meet about the seym that was soon to be held in Sandomierz.

Keeping only one at his side, he sent the others about the countryside in search for Mongols and, when time permitted, to tell the gentry of the victory won by Count Conrad and of the seym to be held at Sandomierz.

Thus, as the first notables came to attend the seym, it must have seemed to them that the matter was already settled.

I was informed by Francine that it was time for me to show up at the seym in Sandomierz.

Cracow to see Bishop Ignacy and go to confession, but Captain Wladyclaw said that he thought that the bishop was at Sandomierz attending the seym, and anyway, Lady Francine was waiting for us.