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You see empty boxes where you need to type the initial letters you know. You can choose any length of words or specify the exact number of letters in the word using the “plus” and “minus” options located at the side. The result will be a list of words presented in blocks depending on the number of letters. There will be simple words, abbreviated words, syntactic words and independent parts of speech.

sp!re spaad spaag spaak space spach spack spacy spada spade spado spads spady spae- spaed spaes spago spahi spahn spahr spaia spaid spaik spail spain spair spait spake spaky spala spald spale spali spall spalt spamd spams span- spana spane spang spani spank spann spano spans spanx spaoh sparc spare spark sparm sparq sparr spars spart sparu sparv sparx spary spasm spass spata spate spath spats spatz spaud spaug spaul spaun spaut spave spawe spawl spawn spaws spayd spayr spays spaza spazm spazz spdef spder spdif spdya spead speak speal spean spear speas speat spec. specc spece spech speci speck specl specs spect spedd spede spedi spedy speea speed speek speel speen speer spees speet speex speia speid speir speit speke spekt speld spele spelk spell spelt spend spene speno spens spent speoi speos spera spere sperg speri sperk sperl sperm spern spero sperr spert spery spesh spete speth spets speus spews spewy speye speyr speys spezi spfpc sphee sphen sphex sphos spial spica spice spick spics spicy spide spidy spied spiel spier spies spiez spife spiff spiga spijk spijt spika spike spiky spile spili spill spilt spime spims spin- spina spind spine sping spink spino spins spinx spiny spion spir- spira spire spirk spiro spirr spirt spiry spise spiss spit! spite spitf spiti spits spity spitz spivs spiza spkac splat splaw splay splck splek splen splet spley splib splif split splog splot splsh splty spner spnge spoak spoal spock spode spods spoed spohr spoil spoke spoky spol spold spole spolt spome spond spone spong sponk spoof spook spool spoom spoon spoor spor- spore spori spork sporl sporn sporo spors sport sposa spose sposh sposi sposo spote spots spotv spotx spotz spoul spout spowe spoye spoyl spoze sppat sprad sprag sprat spray spred spree spreo spret sprew sprey sprig sprit sproc sprod sprog sprot sprtn sprue sprug sprun sprut sprye spuds spued spues spuik spuke spule spult spume spumy spune spung spunk spuno spure spurk spurl spurn spurr spurs spurt spurv spuse sputa spute sputs spuul spuwe spuyl spuz spyal spyar spyce spyed spyer spyfi spyfn spyfu spyke spylt spyne spyon spyra spyre spyri spyro spyrr spyse spyte

Word usage examples

Shanda were kept busy detaching and piling the bags in a circle between the spyte stems, a dreamy slow-motion dance that taxed every muscle.

Of course, one planting is all it needs, since the spytes are perennial.

Most of the spytes will survive, though some of those lumps will be upside down.

On this paper I have the names of every one of you: Keffer, Ruppel, Beildeck, Gotz, Von Spyre, Mentelin, Neumeister, Eggestein, Spiess, Krantz, Drach, Stein, Remboldt, Renner, Wolff.

At the sight whereof immediatly, my hayre stood right vp, and I would haue cryed out, but could not: and presently the Woolfe ranne away: wherevpon returning to my selfe, and casting my eyes towards the wooddie mountaines, which seemed to ioyne themselues together, beeing looked vnto a farre off, I sawe the forme of a tower of an incredible heygth, with a spyre vnperfectlie appearing, all being of very auncient forme and workemanship.

Vpon the top of which arched Spyer was placed a Trygon, and from the vpper center thereof, did ascend vp a strong steale, wherinto was ioyned an other steale whiche was turned about, and to the same was fastened a wyng, which with euerie blast of winde tarried about, the piping steale which had vpon the top thereof a ball, whereupon stood a naked Boy, streight vpon his right foote, and the left holden out.

  I remember lukin up & finkin he must ½ follin from thi opin-wurk seelin, & I saw his mask & thi cylinder on his bak but I just wanderd off agen, feelin like I woz wokin along this tunil coz that woz ol I cude c & it seemd like ours layter while I woz stil serchin 4 anuthir stareway or @ leest a doar or sumthin that I thot, Hey, mayb I cude yoos thi spyers geer!

But it was scornefull Braggadocchio,That with his seruant Trompart houerd there,Sith late he fled from his too earnest foe:Whom such when as Malbecco spyed clere,He turned backe, and would haue fled arere.

When he looked back, Spyce Hender drooped on the plastene chair, sunk into self-willed tardema-sleep.

Most of all I hated the rush of intense aliveness which pumped through me like a drug whenever I speared an innocent animal and I saw the spurting of his blood as drink that would soon quicken my own.