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Spatz (automobile)

The Spatz (German for sparrow), later renamed the Victoria 250, is a four-wheeled microcar that was built between 1956 and 1958.

The car was originally conceived by Egon Brütsch as the Brütsch 200 "Spatz" a Fiberglass three-wheeler with the suspension of the front wheels and the rear wheel attached directly to the body shell. As such the car proved engineeringly unsound and trial runs on rough roads led to severe cracks in the bodywork.

Harald Friedrich, managing partner of Alzmetall P. Meier & Friedrich GmbH in Altenmarkt an der Alz, acquired the license from Brütsch to build the "Spatz" (German for sparrow) and in July 1956 with the Victoria works as a partner, founded the Bayerische Autowerke GmbH (BAG).

Because of the deficiencies in the original design, Frederick asked the then 77-year-old Hans Ledwinka, the former Tatra engineer, to design a robust chassis for the car. The result was a central tube frame and four wheels – in contrast to the original three-wheeled Brütsch. Frederick then saw himself no longer obligated to pay royalties to Brütsch, which led to a court case, which Frederick won. The judges recognising that the original Brütsch construction was both useless and dangerous.

The fiberglass bodywork resembled a sports car, but with only was too underpowered to qualify as such, no matter how light it was. The cloth top was erected from inside the car. Reverse was, like for the Messerschmitt KR200, by running the engine backward (or by physically picking it up). The car was mechanically similar to the KR200 but with a single bench seat for two of three people sitting beside each other.

The engine size was increased from 200 to 250 cc. They were known for burning up. 1,588 were built between 1956 and 1958, 859 as "Spatz", 729 as "Victoria 250".


Spatz is a children's comedy series that ran on CITV during the 1990s, produced by Thames Television and created by Andrew Bethell. The show originally ran from 21 February 1990 to 10 April 1992. The show centred on a fast food restaurant situated in a fictional shopping mall in Cricklewood, London. It was operated by two Canadians, Karen Hansson ( Jennifer Calvert), Spatz International's European Co-ordinator, and Thomas "TJ" Strickland (Paul Michael), the restaurant's manager. Vas Blackwood, Stephanie Charles, Jonathan Copestake, Sue Devaney, Joe Greco, Katy Murphy and Ling Tai appeared as Spatz restaurant employees. Guest stars included David Harewood, Rhys Ifans, Gary Lineker, Danny John-Jules and Nicholas Parsons.

Spatz (disambiguation)

Spatz was an ITV children's television programme.

Spatz may also refer to:

  • Spatz (automobile), a German microcar
  • Mount Spatz, a mountain of Antarctica
  • Scheibe Spatz, a German gilder
  • Scheibe SF-30 Club-Spatz, a German sailplane
  • Stadler SPATZ, a multiple unit railcar