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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spere \Spere\, v. i. [AS. spyrian to inquire, properly, to follow the track; akin to D. speuren, G. sp["u]ren, Icel. spyrja. [root]171. See Spoor.] To search; to pry; to ask; to inquire. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.] [Written also speer, speir.]


alt. (context obsolete English) sphere n. (context obsolete English) sphere vb. (context Scotland English) to ask, to inquire


Speer is a surname.

Ashkenazim : a spelling variation of Speyer, a name indicative of origin from the German city of Speyer Middle High German and Middle Dutch : sper, meaning " spear" Scottish and northern Irish : a spelling variation of Speir, from the Old French espier meaning "to watch"

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Friedrich Speer, (1863-1947), German architecte, father of Albert Speer
  • Albert Speer, (1905-1981), German architect, Minister of Armaments and War Production of Nazi Germany from 1942 to 1945
  • Albert Speer, Jr., (born 1934), a German architect and city planner, son of Albert Speer
  • Bill Speer, a retired professional ice hockey player
  • Christopher Speer, Sergeant First Class (SFC), a U.S. special forces soldier killed in Afghanistan
  • Dieter Speer, a former German biathlete
  • Emory Speer, a U.S. politician, soldier and lawyer who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1878 to 1882
  • Floyd Speer, also known as Floyd Vernie Speer, a U.S. professional baseball pitcher
  • Daniel Speer, also known as Georg Daniel Speer, a German composer and writer of the Baroque
  • Hilde Schramm (born 1936), née Speer, a German politician and daughter of Albert Speer
  • Hugo Speer, an English actor, born in 1969
  • Jack Speer, also known as John “Jack” Bristol Speer, a judge, Washington state representative and a science fiction fan and historian, who wrote the first history of science fiction fandom
  • Jillian Speer, a U.S. singer-songwriter and musician
  • Margret Nissen (born 1938), née Speer, a German photographer and daughter of Albert Speer
  • Noah Wyle, also known as Noah Strausser Speer Wyle, a U.S. TV and film actor
  • Peter Moore Speer, a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania
  • Richard Speer, a U.S. author and journalist
  • Robert Elliott Speer, a U.S. religious leader (1867–1947) and authority on missions
  • Robert Milton Speer, a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania during the Forty-second and Forty-third Congresses
  • Robert W. Speer, also known as Robert Walter Speer, mayor of Denver, Colorado from 1904–1912
  • Roy Speer, the financial backing behind the Home Shopping Network
  • Scott Speer, an American music video director
  • The Speer Family, a Southern Gospel family group founded in 1921
  • Stewie Speer, an Australian drummer best known as a member of the 1960s–70s group Max Merritt & The Meteors
  • Susan Speer, a British psychologist
  • Thomas J. Speer, also known as Thomas Jefferson Speer, a U.S. Representative from Georgia
  • Tom Speer, a U.S. professional mixed martial artist
  • W.G. Speer, the second head football coach for the Fort Hays State University Tigers in Hays, Kansas
Speer (disambiguation)

Speer is a surname.

Speer may also refer to:

  • Speer, Denver, a neighborhood of central Denver, Colorado
  • Speer, Illinois
  • CCI Ammunition or CCI/Speer, a manufacturer of ammunition
  • Speer (mountain), in Switzerland
  • Speer (ship, 1939), a former passenger ship on Lake Zurich, Switzerland
Speer (mountain)

The Speer (1,951 m) is a mountain in the Appenzell Alps, overlooking the region between Lake Zurich and Lake Walenstadt in the canton of St. Gallen.

Being easily accessible, the summit is popular for its panoramic view of the Alps from central to eastern Switzerland. The ascent, however, involves a few hours of hiking.

Usage examples of "speer".

Searchlight, Airborne, 118-19 Shipwrecked crew rescue, 20,41-3,76 Siegmann, Paul, 146 Silver Sandal, SS, 9j Snorkel, see Schnorchel Snowberry, HMS, corvette, 159 Spain, 105, in, 112,147-8 Speer, Albert, 3,204,205 Spinanger, SS, 191 Spreewald, SS, 44-7 Squid, depth charge, 188-9 Starling, HMS, sloop, 171,188-9,191 Steiger, Lt.

Nor a would not commit this to his officer, but himself called on each lad by name whenso he saw a likely one, and speered would a ride with him.

Speer is both an adult and paediatric cardiologist and is particularly keen to expand the paediatric heart surgery programme in Ireland.

Kennedy, the poet, and perhaps Jack Speer, the Congressman from Washington State, were the only figures comparable to have emerged from science fiction fanac to public careers.

Speer, apparently running some errand for Metaxas’ chef, selected a few items and pulled forth a purse of bezants to pay for them.

This was the big turnabout , if Speer would only start mass-producing the thing at once.