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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also spacey, 1852, "large, roomy, spacious," from space (n.) + -y (2). Meaning "felt as characteristic of outer space" (especially with reference to electronic music) is attested from 1971, probably influenced by spaced-out (1965, American English slang), a reference to the behavior of people using hallucinogenic drugs (see space (v.)).


a. 1 (cx colloquial English) spaced-out 2 (cx colloquial English) eccentric 3 (cx colloquial English) having much space 4 (cx colloquial English) of, related to or connected with the extraterrestrial


adj. stupefied by (or as if by) some narcotic drug [syn: spaced-out, spacey]

Usage examples of "spacy".

It was one of the spacier campsites I had ever occupied: on the crest of the Himalaya, in a broad saddle between the tallest mountain on earth, and the very spiky and beautiful Lingtren.

Even though he never did anything spacier than stare deep into a tracking screen.

She would pay for it, of course, with a saucepan by the bed all night and a slightly spacy nausea to follow, which sometimes lasted for two whole days.

Jolanda Bermudez in a spacy voice, as though delivering news bulletins from Venus.

He stared after them with something akin to longing, listening for their engines, but heard only the spacy whisper of the Sikorskys.

Had any of the gentle, spacy scientists tried, the Effsees would have blown them away.

He and Freds had an emotional parting, and he gave me a big grin as he bored me through one last time with that spacy black gaze.