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But my fame was spred about in every place, and the qualities which I could doe, insomuch that my master was renowned throughout all the Country by reason of mee.

Citie of London is a whirlepoole and a sinke of evill rumors, there they be bred, and from thence spred into all parts of the realme.

Couered with a habite blowne abroad with the winde, and shewing parte of the naked substance of the legges and thighes: with two wings growing out from the shoulder blades, and spred abroad as if shee were readye to flye, turning hir fayre face and sweete regarding countenance towardes hir wings.

Wherewith the Souldan all with furie fraught,Swearing, and banning most blasphemously,Commaunded straight his armour to be brought,And mounting straight vpon a charret hye,With yron wheeles and hookes arm'd dreadfully,And drawne of cruell steedes, which he had fedWith flesh of men, whom through fell tyrannyHe slaughtred had, and ere they were halfe ded,Their bodies to his beasts for prouender did spred.

And eke he somewhat seem'd to stoupe aforeWith bowed backe, by reason of the lode,And auncient heauy burden, which he boreOf that faire City, wherein make abodeSo many learned impes, that shoote abrode,And with their braunches spred all Britany,No lesse then do her elder sisters broode.

Amongst them all growes not a fayrer flowre,Then is the bloosme of comely courtesie,Which though it on a lowly stalke doe bowre,Yet brancheth forth in braue nobilitie,And spreds it selfe through all ciuilitie:Of which though present age doe plenteous seeme,Yet being matcht with plaine Antiquitie,Ye will them all but fayned showes esteeme,Which carry colours faire, that feeble eies misdeeme.

Like as a Lyon, that in drowsie caueHath long time slept, himselfe so shall he shake,And comming forth, shall spred his banner braueOuer the troubled South, that it shall makeThe warlike Mertians for feare to quake:Thrise shall he fight with them, and twise shall win,But the third time shall faire accordaunce make:And if he then with victorie can lin,He shall his dayes with peace bring to his earthly In.