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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

half-alien character in the "Star Trek" U.S. entertainment franchise, developed and named 1964 by series creator Gene Roddenberry, who later said he was searching for an alien-sounding word and not thinking of U.S. physician and child-care specialist Benjamin M. Spock (1903-1998), whose name is of Dutch origin. The doctor wrote the enormously popular "Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care" (1946) and is the source of the first element in Spock-marked (1967), defined in OED as "(Adversely) affected by an upbringing held to be in accordance with the principles of Dr. Spock ...."


Spöck may refer to:

  • Spöck (Eider), a river of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • Spöck, a village in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, now part of the town of Stutensee
  • Spöck, a village in Bavaria, Germany, now part of the town of Kirchheim in Schwaben
  • FC Spöck, a German football club in the Verbandsliga Baden
Spock (website)

Spock is a vertical search engine or entity search engine on people. The name "Spock" is explained with a backronym: "single point of contact (by) keyword." Founded in 2006 by Jay Bhatti and Jaideep Singh, it has "indexed over 250 million people representing over 1.5 billion data records." These records are from publicly available sources, including Wikipedia, IMDB, ESPN, LinkedIn, Hi5, MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, FEC, corporate biographies, university faculty and staff pages, real estate agents sites, school alumni and member directory pages, etc. The company maintains that "30% of all Internet searches are people-related".

As entity resolution is the main algorithmic hurdle of their indexing endeavour, Spock has issued and awarded the Spock Challenge Prize. The winning entry combines various machine learning algorithms.

Spock opened its service to public beta on August 8, 2007.

Spock (disambiguation)

Spock is a fictional character from the Star Trek franchise.

Spock may also refer to:

Spöck (Eider)

Spöck (Eider) is a river of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Spock (testing framework)

Spock is a Java testing framework capable of handling the full life cycle of a software application. It was initially created in 2008 by Peter Niederwieser, a software engineer with GradleWare. A second Spock committer is Luke Daley (also with Gradleware) who is also the creator of the popular Geb functional testing framework.

Usage examples of "spock".

Thankfully, however, Scott bypassed the actual details and ended the tale with a description of Kirk trying to explain to Spock exactly why the Deltans had given him an illustrated prayer scroll.

As the minutes passed, the noises echoed back from the rest of the frozen caverns as well, making Sulu wonder how Spock could keep himself tranced amid the din.

The folksinger Joan Baez was considered a threat and placed on the list, as were the well-known pediatrician Benjamin Spock, the actress Jane Fonda, and Dr.

Spock was kneeling among stacks of microcircuits, wires, resistors, capacitors, and other antique electronic paraphernalia.

Sulu remembered what Spock had done with the monofilaments in the computer node.

Spock and Officer Kad were attaching the monofilaments from the cylinder to the subprocessor.

Spock held James Kirk in high regard, and she had based her preconceptions almost entirely on this fact.

Spock turned back to watch something on one of the security readouts, but his voice continued the conversation just as deftly even without his full attention.

Spock and his work crew far less time to crack off the thick rind of flowstone that had built up around the alien transporter unit through uncounted millennia of being dripped on by runoff from the natural caves overhead.

His Spock, once his friend, now his betrayer, years ago had said that the differences between the universes might come down to nothing more than random chance.

Spock moved in and whipped the ahn woon around his legs, bringing him down again.

McCoy, astrobiologist Mason, geologist Rawls and Science Officer Spock.

Recommendations for general survey party: Science Officer Spock, astrobiologist Mason, geologist Carstairs.

Spock over the past few months, McCoy and Scott had been frequent enough visitors to Chal that she had come to know them well.

Spock took a half-second to note the existence of the thoughts, then filed them in that section of his memory reserved for such, along with a resolution to reexamine his regimen of disciplines.