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n. (plural of span English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: span)

Usage examples of "spans".

As railway loads increased and greater spans were demanded, the Howe truss was stiffened by timber arches on each side of each girder.

It is only since metal has been used that the great spans of 500 to 1800 ft.

For moderate spans brick, masonry or concrete can be used without excessive cost, but for longer spans steel is more economical, and for very long spans its use is imperative.

Iron suspension bridges began to be used at the end of the 18th century for road bridges with spans unattainable at that time in any other system.

As no scaffolding could be used for the centre spans, the girders were built on shore, floated out and raised by hydraulic presses.

Though each girder has been made continuous over the four spans it has not quite the proportions over the piers which a continuous girder should have, and must be regarded as an imperfectly continuous girder.

The spans were in fact designed as independent girders, the advantage of continuity being at that time imperfectly known.

The total weight of iron and steel in three spans was about 5000 tons.

Waddell has shown that, in some cases, it is convenient to erect simple independent spans, by building them out as cantilevers and converting them into independent girders after erection.

The side spans are erected first on staging and anchored to the piers.

The girders over the second and fourth spans are extended as cantilevers over the adjoining spans.

The centre span is a two-hinged parabolic braced rib arch, and there are side spans of 190 and 210 ft.

It is formed by a crescent-shaped arch, continued on one side by four, on the other side by two lattice girder spans, on iron piers.

The lattice girders of the side spans were first rolled into place, so as to project some distance beyond the piers, and then the arch ribs were built out, being partly supported by wire-rope cables from the lattice girders above.

If a bridge consists of girders continuous over two or more spans, it may be put together on the embankment at one end and rolled over the piers.