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On this paper I have the names of every one of you: Keffer, Ruppel, Beildeck, Gotz, Von Spyre, Mentelin, Neumeister, Eggestein, Spiess, Krantz, Drach, Stein, Remboldt, Renner, Wolff.

At the sight whereof immediatly, my hayre stood right vp, and I would haue cryed out, but could not: and presently the Woolfe ranne away: wherevpon returning to my selfe, and casting my eyes towards the wooddie mountaines, which seemed to ioyne themselues together, beeing looked vnto a farre off, I sawe the forme of a tower of an incredible heygth, with a spyre vnperfectlie appearing, all being of very auncient forme and workemanship.