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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

short for spectacles, 1807.


n. 1 (context colloquial pluralonly English) (abbreviation of spectacles English) 2 (context colloquial English) specifications: (plural of spec English)


n. optical instrument consisting of a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision [syn: spectacles, eyeglasses, glasses]


SPECS may refer to:

  • SPECS (speed camera), a brand of speed cameras in the United Kingdom
  • SPECS Sport, a shoe company from Indonesia
  • Shaheen Public English Cambridge School, a school in Karachi
SPECS (speed camera)

SPECS is an average speed measuring speed camera system originally manufactured by the Speed Check Services Limited, from which it takes its name (Speed Check Services). It is one of the systems used for speed limit enforcement in the United Kingdom. Speed Check Services was acquired by Vysionics in 2010.

SPECS cameras were introduced in 1999.

Usage examples of "specs".

I basically become the middleman, my sales guys brokering the pretreated raw goods, you assembling em to our specs and quality satisfaction .

The semiconducting sphere he was looking at seemed well within its design specs.

I settled for a double dose of tannin secretion, an underdose of sun block, a darkened pair of mag specs, my height, and a local beard and hairstyle.

Joshua had drawn up the specs for a self-replicating nanoparticle emissions generator.

If Nervi was really smart, though, he would have the specs instead of letting the security company keep them.

Cole Haan loafers, and tortoiseshell specs they love to take off and nibble the arm of, plus always a uniform self-seriousness that reminds you of every overachieving dweeb you ever wanted to kick the ass of in school.