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SPAIR (Short Scar Periareolar Inferior Pedicle Reduction) is a short-scar breast surgery technique developed by Dennis C Hammond, assistant professor of surgery at Michigan State University. The technique was designed to allow a better-shaped breast, a limited amount of scarring, and a more accelerated healing process, by eliminating the lateral scar beneath the breast found in conventional breast reduction surgery. The technique is considered to be a good alternative to vertical mammoplasty.

Short-scar refers to the smaller, shorter (when compared to conventional breast reduction methods), vertical-only scar. Periareolar refers to the cutting around the areola and running vertically down to the underside of the breast. Inferior Pedicle refers to leaving the nipple attached on the inside of the breast. (The inferior pedicle is the standard pedicle used in all breast reduction surgeries to preserve nipple function ( breast feeding and sensitivity), not just SPAIR.)

Usage examples of "spair".

Even if pain went hand In hand with pleasure, and de spair sometimes swamped delight, loving him as she did, living with him had to be infinitely better than living with out him.

Tears gathered in Gab bie's eyes and she descended into a thoroughly black de spair.