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Sprot or Sprott or Sprotte may refer to:

  • Sprot (surname)
  • Sprott, Alabama, an unincorporated community in Perry County, Alabama
  • Sprotte, a river in Germany
Sprot (surname)

Sprot (or Sprott or Sprotte) is a family name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Adrian Sprott, Scottish footballer
  • Sir Alexander Sprot, 1st Baronet
    • Sprot Baronets
  • Bert Sprotte, a German actor
  • Charles B. Sprott Canadian former professional wrestler, known as Ricky Hunter
  • Clint Sprott, professor of physics
  • George Sprott, a graphic novel
  • George Washington Sprott, Scottish liturgical scholar
  • Hemel Sprot, imaginary animal
  • Michael Sprott, boxer
  • Thomas Sprott, monk and chronicler
  • Thomas Sprott or Thomas Spratt, martyr
  • Thomas Sprott, bishop
  • William S. Pollitzer, anatomist
  • Eric Sprott, namesake of the Sprott School of Business

Usage examples of "sprot".

Callisto Gallery with a photographer, a nice-enough on-the-make Liverpudlian called Tom Sprot, to illustrate an article on a new feminist installation, she goes in a friendly enough mood.