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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spang \Spang\, v. t. To spangle. [Obs.]


Spang \Spang\, v. i. To spring; to bound; to leap. [Scot.]

But when they spang o'er reason's fence, We smart for't at our own expense.


Spang \Spang\, n. A bound or spring. [Scot.]
--Sir W. Scott.


Spang \Spang\, n. [AS. spange a clasp or fastening; akin to D. spang, G. spange, OHG. spanga, Icel. sp["o]ng a spangle.] A spangle or shining ornament. [Obs.]

With glittering spangs that did like stars appear.


Etymology 1 n. (context obsolete English) A shiny ornament or object; a spangle vb. 1 To set with bright points: star or spangle. 2 To hitch; fasten. Etymology 2

adv. (context dated English) suddenly; slap, smack. vb. (context intransitive of a flying object such as a bullet English) To strike or ricochet with a loud report Etymology 3

n. (context Scotland English) A bound or spring; a leap. vb. 1 (context intransitive dialect UK Scotland English) To leap; spring. 2 (context transitive dialect UK Scotland English) To cause to spring; set forcibly in motion; throw with violence. Etymology 4

n. (context Scotland English) A span.


v. leap, jerk, bang; "Bullets spanged into the trees" [syn: bang]


Spang is a village in Germany, north of Trier between Bitburg and Wittich. This village was first mentioned in 1254. It is on one side of the Spanger brook while on the other side is the village of Dahlem. These two villages eventually became a single municipality Spangdahlem as they are known today. The locals still refer themselves to being from Spang or Dalhem. After World War II the USAF located a currently operating fighter airbase in the area of Spangdalhem.

Many of the Spang families in the USA, Germany and South America have traced their roots to this area. Generally speaking most people used their first names for identification as surnames where not important for identification. In Germany when someone left their village or city they were known as "name" von (from) village i.e. Joseph von Spang was Joseph from the village of Spang. Over time the von was dropped and the person was now known as Joseph Spang and Spang became their surname. Earliest recorded von Spang was Nicholaus von Spang who married Elizabeth Bernardos (Sic) 18 Jan 1581 in St Gangolf Catholic church in Trier, Germany.

Usage examples of "spang".

Saye is an alias for Jack Spang, a suspected gangster who was mentioned in the Kefauver Report but who has no criminal record.

They also own the Tiara Hotel in Las Vegas, and this is the headquarters of Seraffimo Spang and also, to benefit from the Nevada tax laws, the company offices of the House of Diamonds.

Saye, and ended with Seraffimo Spang, and that the main junction in the pipe was the office of Shady Tree from which, presumably, the stones were fed into the House of Diamonds for cutting and marketing.

Seraffimo Spang, using as an unconscious agent Tiffany Case, whose background he briefly reported.

Every year eleven million customers play Mr Spang and his friends at those odds.

If I had a shooting match or anything of that sort with Spang, his pals would get after me and after my family and after my friends.

He slowed down and halted opposite the Spang hotel, which was topped by a ducal coronet of brilliant lights that winked on and off in a lost battle with the glaring sun and the reflections from the highway.

He was thoroughly bored with his role as a probationary crook who was about to be paid off for his first trial job and might then, if he found favour in the eyes of Mr Spang, be given regular work with the rest-of the teenage adults who made up the gang.

And now he had penetrated right to the end of the pipeline, right into the parlour of Mr Seraffimo Spang who, with his brother in London, and with the mysterious ABC, ran the biggest smuggling operation in the world.

Bond-and then out of here with twenty thousand dollars of the Spang money.

Mr Spang, and then he walked out through the glass door into the hot stuffy night and over the lawns to the Turquoise building and let himself into his room and locked the door behind him.

That was why he had heard nothing from Mr Spang or his friends all through the day.

And in any case, Bond reassured himself, he was just about to achieve his main objective-to get to the end of the pipeline and somehow link Seraffimo Spang with his brother in London.

For the first time in his life he saw the point of being a millionaire and suddenly, and also for the first time, he thought that there might be more to this man Spang than he had reckoned with.

Mr Spang, In a red leather armchair near a small writing-desk half way down the car Tiffany Case sat bolt upright.