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Spahr is a German surname of:

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Spahr (1900 – 1945), German artisan for Silver overlay on porcelain and glass
  • Charles "Charlie" E. Spahr (1913, Kansas City – 2009, Shaker Heights, Ohio)
  • (1913, Konstanz – 1986, Weingarten/Württemberg), German Benedictine monk, historian, art historian

  • Juliana Spahr (born 1966, Chillicothe, Ohio), an American poet, critic, and editor
  • Samuel Spahr Laws (1824 – 1921), an American physician, businessman, inventor, professor, college president and minister
  • Timothy B. Spahr, an American astronomer
    • 171P/Spahr, a periodic comet in our solar system; named after Timothy B. Spahr
    • 2975 Spahr, a main-belt asteroid; named after Timothy B. Spahr