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Usage examples of "spead".

The wide, blubbery lips, the speading nose with its clear-red tip, the bulging eyes.

The Harpers were a group spead thinly across the face of Faerun that primarily worked for good.

Jamie has to do is stand at the finish line and sing his heart out, and the Black Rocket will spead toward him like a bullet.

Thou shalt spead thy wings anon, Thou subtle Nimue, for to my cost I know that we may trap the silly king Until our wit is withered, nor abate As by the weight of one least little cloud The curse that lets us, if we rest with that And curb not Merlin.

They cause sickness to spead through their carelessness and disregard.

In the darkening night he appeared like a medieval painting of Christ, a holy radiance speading out from him.

The Hades Helmet still shielding me, I leap from the speading chariot, land hard, feel something bruise if not break in my right shoulder, and then I tumble to a stop on the floor as the chariot flies directly into the reconstruction vat, smashing plastic and steel, throwing violet liquid a hundred feet into the air of the giant room.

He picked up a beer-soaked cloth and gave the woodwork a few enthusiastic wipes, speading the drips from the cordial glasses into a rainbow smear that took the varnish off.