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Could not find any definition of word "spung"

Usage examples of "spung".

Then spung to his seat with a lightsome leap, And launched afar on the calm blue deep.

And a stuck switch somewhere in my brain went spung, and I burst out laughinga hold-your-belly-and-fold-over guffaw.

A crossbow went spung and the bolt flashed across the street, cutting through the air where Blade had been a heartbeat ago.

A crossbow went spung and the duke went rigid, hands going up to his blood-spouting throat to clutch at the crossbow bolt rammed through it.

The crossbow went spung, but the bolt sank into the chest of the sailor Blade was using as a shield.

Conversely, if they set up a tuned Ledbetter projector and start running down or up the scale, when they come to your individual, unique frequency, your red blood cells start absorbing energy, the hemoglobins protein breaks down and -- Spung!