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Spier is a town in the Dutch province of Drenthe. It is a part of the municipality of Midden-Drenthe, and lies about 11 km north of Hoogeveen.

In 2001, the town of Spier had 91 inhabitants. The built-up area of the town was 0.036 km, and contained 35 residences. The statistical area "Spier", which can also include the surrounding countryside, has a population of around 370.

Usage examples of "spier".

He requested Sandy to ask Glenormiston, if he came in, to come over to the Burgh court and spier for Mr.

Daarna gaf de pijn in elk gewricht en elke spier haar een reprise van het verhaal van de afgelopen twee dagen.

Sally Spier Stassi, Reference Associate, Williams Research Center, Wayne Everard, Archivist, New Orleans Public Library, Graham Haddock, for information on Higgins Plant.

Miss Spiers from the end house, I did not have to think deeply to imagine the gist of their conversation.

In fact I knew more of Miss Spiers at the top end and the Campbells at the bottom end than I did of the Patter- sons.

Vermont Border--Fenians Gather in Large Numbers--The Fizzle at Pigeon Hill--Arrest of the Fenian General Spier.

Blaine was a pure po-gue, a guy who got himself promoted off the street as soon as he became eligible, and had immediately latched on to the coattails of his predecessor, a bloodless, bean-counting Yuppie paper-pusher named Spier.

Pol felt the counterpressure growing and then waning, as Spier mustered his forces with occasional lapses.

Spier, and Tigger (Mary Anne's kitten) moved into the Schafers' old farmhouse, and began life as a blended family.