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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Leckie, who continually went splat in the mud, always seemed surprised that he did so.
▪ A steady splat, splat, splat that was extremely irritating.
▪ And lands splat! on his right elbow.
▪ Even before the splat, the gull shapes its wings into a parachute and drops straight down to eat the scattered remains.
▪ Leckie, who continually went splat in the mud, always seemed surprised that he did so.
▪ Or more apropos, one bird splat spreads forevermore.
▪ The peaty ground compacts water with an unflattering splat beneath my backside.
▪ With a splat, great splits opened up in the mass.
▪ Big fat raindrops started splatting on the windows.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"to land with a smacking sound," 1897, probably of imitative origin. As a noun from 1958.


n. 1 The sharp, atonal sound of a liquid or soft solid hitting a solid surface. 2 The irregular shape of a viscous liquid or soft solid which has hit a solid surface. 3 (context computing slang English) The ''Command_key'' key on an (w: Apple Macintosh). 4 (context computing slang English) Any of various characters appearing in computer character sets, particularly # and *. 5 The narrow wooden centre piece of a chair back. 6 A move in playboating involving stalling in place while positioned vertically against a solid object in the water. vb. 1 To hit a flat surface and deform into an irregular shape. 2 (cx computer graphics transitive English) To combine different textures by applying an alpha channel map to the higher levels, revealing the layers underneath where the map is partially or completely transparent.

  1. v. give off the sound of a bullet flattening on impact

  2. split open and flatten for cooking; "splat fish over an open fire"

  3. flatten on impact; "The snowballs splatted on the trees"

  1. n. a single splash; "he heard a splat as it hit the floor"

  2. a slat of wood in the middle of the back of a straight chair


Splat may refer to:

  • Splat (furniture), an element of the chair
  • Asterisk (slang)
  • Character class (slang), derived from the term splatbook
  • Remote control (slang)
  • Splatting, volume rendering technique
  • Nickelodeon Splat!, a television block
    • The Splat, a later television block also from Nickelodeon
  • Splat Pack, a collection of filmmakers
  • Texture splat, a computer graphics effect
  • Splatt, Cornwall, a small village in Cornwall


  • SPLAT!, a terrestrial radio propagation model application


  • Splat! (video game)
Splat (furniture)

A splat is the vertical central element of a chair back. Typically this element of a chair is of exposed wood design. The splat is an important element of furniture identification, since its design has a multitude of variations incorporating the themes of different furniture periods. Chippendale's furniture was designed using varied splat details to include Gothic, Chinese, English and some with French details.

Usage examples of "splat".

Some human could come along at any time, suffering from a slight case of arachnophobia or simply a desire to clean up, and splat!

Tally gulped, forcing herself to watch all the way down, until the guy was caught by his bungee jacket a few seconds before splatting.

The specially loaded paintball arced through the air and splatted against the side of the container, marking it with a splotch of glowing chemical mixture.

As a forkload hit his lips, a big, gooey blob of garlicky ricotta slid out of the pasta tube and splatted on the front of his white shirt.

Instinctively, Vendes loosed another gob of goo, but it seemed to pass right through the charging woman to splat harmlessly against the wall.

I have had a night of untarnished creativity and this joke just popped out like a final splat of Alizarin Crimson.

A bird wheeled there: straight above, white and delicate-looking, and utterly uncontrite as it dropped another missile which landed with a liquid yellow splat between her outstretched legs.

I was tired of hiding in a church, tired of ducking splat balls, tired of dunking my mail in saltwater, and tired of being scared.

I could tell kingwood from pearwood, splats from stretchers, and frets from friezes.

There was the splat of another microexplosion overhead, but the corkscrew turns of the chute kept any missile from reaching him.

I was picked up and shaken until my teeth fell out and splatted against the deck like hailstones.

The flopear had also survived, he remembered, falling with his club off the cliff and down, down, to land with a probable splatting sound.

As he maneuvered the rented Corsica out of the parking lot, snow splat ted against his windshield in big, wet flakes, and he turned his wipers on to keep up with the pace.

Queueing at the snack stall with all the other weight problems and skin conditions, among the multiple single mothers in crayon-color beachwear, the splat and splotch of English skin, beneath treated hair, and all the sticky children each needing its tin of drink, Richard watched the joggers pounding the outer track in scissoring shellsuits of magenta, turquoise, of lime or sherwood green.

The other Nagamar came tumbling down the passage and circled about her in a slippery gleaming mob, bringing with them the smell of mud and vegetation and their own bitter tang, flat webbed feet splatting noisily on the planks, long long fingers fluttering, voices whistling and chirping, dipping in and out of audibility.