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Spira (Final Fantasy)

Spira is the fictional world of the Square role-playing video games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Spira is the first Final Fantasy world to feature consistent, all-encompassing spiritual and mythological influences within the planet's civilizations and their inhabitants' daily lives. The world of Spira itself is very different from the mainly European-style worlds found in previous Final Fantasy games, being much more closely modeled on southeast Asia, most notably with respect to its vegetation, topography and architecture.

The creation of Spira includes distinct ethnic minorities including a portrayal of the fictional Al Bhed language that is prevalent throughout the game's dialogue. The backstory and concept behind the dark religious themes of Final Fantasy X were a central theme to the story and their ultimate resolution was well received. The popularity of the Eternal Calm video served as the impetus of Square Enix to do Final Fantasy X-2 to make their first direct sequel in video game form and depict the evolution of Spiran society after religious and political upheaval results in new factions and instability in the world. Spira and its inhabiting characters have been featured in several other Square Enix works including Dissidia Final Fantasy, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy and three games within the Kingdom Hearts series and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

There have been numerous academic essays on the game's presentation, narrative and localization aspects. Washburn writes that mastering the game comes with the mastering of the cultural knowledge of Spira to unlock skills and abilities. O'Hagan writes on the localization of the games that impact the game experience, detailing alterations to the script and dialogue with modifications, additions and omissions. Another aspect was that the presentation of Spira without an overworld view can be considered a pioneer in 3D role-playing game maps.


Spira may refer to:

  • Spira (name), includes a list of people with the name
  • Spira (Final Fantasy), the world in which the role-playing video games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are based
  • Spira mirabilis, the mathematical logarithmic spiral
  • Spira Footwear, a U.S. manufacturer of athletic shoes
  • Spira (confectionery), a Cadbury chocolate bar in a helix shape
  • Spira (bryozoan), an extinct genus of cryptostome Bryozoan
  • Spira (car), three-wheeled motor vehicle
Spira (confectionery)

Spira was a milk chocolate product in the form of a hollow twisted spiral produced by Cadbury. There were two spiral fingers in each pack, and the brand was initially only available in the north west of England in the mid-1980s, before being rolled out across the country.

The development of Spira can be traced back to 1984 and was born of two key factors. Firstly, a new production process allowed chocolate to be produced in different shapes and textures without the need for moulds. Secondly, the company perceived a weakness in its product mix with too few ‘countline’ products and limited attractiveness to teenagers.

Of three potential products taken forward from concept stage, a twisted bar with cartwheel cross-section named ‘Rollers’ was deemed the most successful. Further refinement, changes to presentation and the change of name eventually resulted in the emergence of the Spira product, which was aimed squarely at the 15- to 24-year-old market.

Following a million-pound investment in plant at the Bournville factory, Cadbury first test-launched Spira in the Granada television region. The chocolate was successful enough to gain a 6.3% market share and the number two chocolate position – but it proved impossible to produce sufficient quantities to keep up with demand at this stage. The bar was withdrawn from market and a new test market was established in the South West while additional factory capacity was built.

During 1989, the bar was launched nationwide. It continued to be available until May 2005.

Spira (car)

The Spira is a lightweight, fuel-efficient, three-wheeled, two-passenger car designed for the roads of Southeast Asia. 90% of its bodywork is made from a lightweight, reinforced foam. The car weighs only , and has a fuel efficiency of more than 100 mpg. The car's foam contains millions of air cells, and these act as tiny airbags during collisions, which offers protection to the car's occupants, as well as to the pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists who are very common in the areas where the car is planned to be used. The car's foam can be made from soybeans. The car, which was invented by Lon Ballard, has been entered into the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize competition.

Spira (name)

Spira is a Jewish surname. Notable people with this name include: