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Spens (musician)

Spens (born Stanislav Naidenov), is a Bulgarian hip hop artist. He was born in Pazardhik on October 13, 1975.

As a high school student he recorded amateur songs using nothing but a synthesizer and tape deck. After graduation in 1994, he moved to the capital city of Sofia to pursue studies in computer information technologies. He also actively pursued his interest in music and managed to meet a number of like-minded people.

Together with DJ Stancho, Slim and O.C.G. he formed Sniper Records - the first Bulgarian label specialised in rap and hip hop music. Soon several projects were created such as the movie "Hip-Hop Gorilla", its soundtrack in three parts and numerous hip-hop events in Bulgaria.


Spens or SPENS may refer to:

  • Clan Spens, a kindred from the Scottish Lowlands
  • Sir Patrick Spens, an early Scottish Ballad
  • Baron Spens, a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom
  • Spens (musician), Bulgarian hip-hop artist
  • Spens Sports Center (officially Sports and Business Center "Vojvodina"), a multi-purpose venue in Novi Sad, Serbia

Usage examples of "spens".

She knew Spens was going to tell Gordam Peldyrin that in the face of such repeated misfortune he thought it better to postpone the wedding to his daughter indefinitely.

Kyra drew her thoughts about her again and with careful precision drew upon each coin a Limitation, exempting her and Spens from the effects of the spells of sleep that now filled the house like curling, invisible smoke.

With a shrug, Spens found the pot of coffee keeping warm on the back of the stove and poured out two cups.

Cherry Orchard on Algoswiving Street, as Spens had promised, catered a very good meal indeed to the wealthy rakes who frequented it after small-hours gambling bouts.

The place had been almost full when she and Spens entered, the bright coats and lace-edged ruffles of the men and the overly tawdry finery of the local girls and pretty boys half obscured by veils of blue tobacco smoke.

Kyra said softly as she guided Spens along the grass verge of the path at a run.

She bent the candle snuffer over the skull of one warrior when he lunged, clutching at her, and shoved the other, stumbling, off Spens with the broom.

Hestie Pinktrees looked from Kyra to Spens and back, then paused suddenly and turned to consider Spenson again.

And superimposed on that, like a doubled image in a flawed glass, herself clutching at Spens like a desperate teenager, frenzied only for the touch of his hands.

The hoofbeats had faded into distance, but they could catch Spens and be back at any time.

After a swift embrace she drew back, looking at her sister with the same worried expression Spens had.

If nothing else, she thought in the moment before she shoved the memory aside, Spens had taught her how to hug.

The Sykerst mail jolted forward, nearly pitching Kyra, Spens, and their two squabbling seat mates into the welter of red coat, striped skirt, and diapers opposite them.

Fedrik Spens loosened the neck cord of his heavy white toga and reached for the threadlike platinum chain of his tiny adjuster key.

But not so dramatic as the daughter, Spens thought, as he stole a glance at the other end of the table.