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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spiry \Spir"y\, a. [FR. Spire a steeple.] Of or pertaining to a spire; like a spire, tall, slender, and tapering; abounding in spires; as, spiry turrets. ``Spiry towns.''


Spiry \Spir"y\, a. [From Spire a winding line.] Of a spiral form; wreathed; curled; serpentine.

Hid in the spiry volumes of the snake.


a. 1 Like or resembling a spire. 2 Of a spiral form; wreathed; curled; serpentine.

Usage examples of "spiry".

And the bank of black cloud rose to the zenith, and out of it came bursts of spiry lightning, and waves of darkness seemed to heave and float, between their flashes, over the whole heavens.

She wandered the crooked streets for hours with her purse tucked under her arm and her mouth wide open, past bars, sidewalk cafes, tiny shops with handmade jewelry and secondhand clothing in the windows, spiry churches, private parks behind spiked wrought-iron gates, crooked old houses with high stoops, art galleries, little theaters.

In the clear and rosy air, sparkling with a single star, the sharp and spiry cypress-tree rises like a gloomy thought, amid the flow of revelry.

Its name, Spear, or Spire, indicates the spiry form of its floral blossoming.

Rouen is Darnetal, a beautiful spiry town in a valley, pronounced by the Staff of No.