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n. (obsolete spelling of speed English)


Spede may refer to:

  • Spede Pasanen, a Finnish film director and producer, comedian, humorist and TV personality
  • SPEDE, an instrument carried on board the Smart-1 satellite

Usage examples of "spede".

Me, Gorice the Twelft, Greate Kyng of Wychlande and of Ympelande and of Daemonlande and of al kyngdomes the sonne dothe spread hys bemes over, unto Corsus My servaunte: Thys is to signifye to the that thoue shalt with all convenient spede repaire with a suffycyaunt strengthe of menne and schyppes to Daemonlande, bycause that untowarde and traytorly cattell that doe there inhabyt are to fele by the the sharpnes of My correctioun.

There musicke with her silver-sound With spede is wont to send redresse.

Thay tan hym bytwene hem, wyth talkyng hym leden To chambre, to chemne, and chefly thay asken Spyce3, that vnsparely men speded hom to bryng, And the wynnelych wyne therwith vche tyme.