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Spyke (Evan Daniels) is a character who was briefly a member of the X-Men in the animated seriesX-Men: Evolution. Created by writer Robert N. Skir and artist Steven E. Gordon, he first appeared in "Speed And Spyke", episode #5 (December 9, 2000), where he was voiced by Neil Denis.

Spyke is a high-school freshman with the mutant ability to project spikes out of his body.

The character was originally created as a way to diversify the show's X-Men roster. It was important to the show's creators, the WB network (who ran the show) and Marvel Comics to have an African American in the show. According to the show's producer Boyd Kirkland, turning Bishop (the first Black male X-Man) into a teenager would not have worked. Initially, Spyke was intended to be the team's muscle and looked closer to how he looked in season four, but Marvel decided they didn't like the "monster" angle and he was given a much more normal look. He was originally intended to be called Armadillo and have cornrows. He has similar powers to Marrow, a pre-existing character, though Kirkland says this was not intentional.

Spyke (comics)

Spyke is a 4 issues comic-book limited series created by Mike Baron (writer) and Bill Reinhold (penciller), and published in 1993 by the Marvel Comics imprint Epic Comics. Marie Javins was the editor for the series.