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Usage examples of "spurl".

To rouse her lover, to ward off the spurl of fires and men, the glint of weapons that came pouring down on them.

Spike is beating Spurling and his redneck posse like willful dogs, his baton cracking shins, shoulders, elbows, and skulls with surgical precision.

The two gold pieces that Papa carried concealed in his clothes were a marriage gift from my Grandfather Spurling in Monterey, California.

Jake Spurling was one of the best criminal investigators in the country and he vowed he would never give up on the Hamm Sparks disappearance until he got to the bottom of it.

Jake Spurling and his men had come up with was that Finley and all his cohorts had an airtight alibi that weekend but then, they always did.

As to the ongoing mystery of what had happened to Hamm Sparks, Jake Spurling had far from given up.

If Jake Spurling had not been a pragmatic man and a forensic scientist who believed only in what he could see under a microscope, he might have started to wonder if they had really just disappeared into thin air like people said.

But assuming what Nesta Spurling Clark had told me held air, what were Dale and North talking about just before Dale died?

Their choice of the little country hamlet as their residence had been determined by the fact of their old friend, the Reverend John Spurling, having been nominated as the vicar.

It must surely have been Raffles Haw with whom Hector Spurling had come in contact.

Somehow as she looked there seemed to form itself beside him some shadow of Hector Spurling, the manly features, the clear, firm mouth, the frank manner.

Manton alongside my Joe Spurling in the top tray of the case, my single gun and my double rifle in the lower, and see the magazine well filled--the Diamond gunpowder, you know, from Mr.

It must surely have been Raffles Haw with whom Hector Spurling had come in contact.