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Word usage examples

The narrative reads somewhat after this manner: One day a number of workmen belonging to Tacura Tuyn while engaged in cutting grass had their mules attacked by some Guayacuyan Indians.

Her ballet slippers made a soft slapping sound, moody, mournful, as Anna van Tuyl stepped into the annex of her psychiatric consulting room and walked toward the tall mirror.

Anna van Tuyl was too much the professional psychiatrist not to recognize that her subconscious mind had shrieked its warning.

So, from some unseen time and place, the mind of Anna van tuyl had been attuned to that of Ruy Jacques, and his mind had momentarily forgotten that both of them could no longer write, and had recorded a strange reverie.

He knew that the heart strings of Anna van Tuyl were one with this mighty sea of song, and that it took its ecstatic timbre from the reverberating volutes of that god-like mind.

There were the fashionable clubs along Fifth Avenue to which his friend Reggie van Tuyl, son of his Florida hostess, had introduced him.

The waiter disappeared, greatly cheered, and Archie, turning, perceived that his friend Reggie van tuyl was entering the room.

He was a long youth with a rather subdued and deflated look, as though the burden of the van Tuyl millions was more than his frail strength could support.

Reggie van Tuyl, who had been yawning in a hopeless sort of way, showed his first flicker of interest.

Archie, sitting dazedly, was aware that Reggie van Tuyl had finished his beauty sleep and was addressing the young man in the seat in front.