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Usage examples of "ture".

The drawn pallor of his fea tures alarmed hec her brother looked far from well.

The sculp tured doors to the throne room were locked, from the inside.

The architecture was ornate, cluttered with sculp ture and friezes swarming with demons and monsters and many-armed gods.

At first Skeat thought Thomas of Hookton was little more than another wild fool looking for adven- ture, a clever fool, to be sure, but Thomas had taken to the life of an archer in Brittany with alacrity.

Egan uses this familiar setup to juxtapose two characters of radically different philosophies, based on the British mathematician Alan Turing and the medievalist, fantasist, and popular theologian C.

Although he was quite tall, the heavy, weighty struc ture of his torso made him look almost squat.

From maps studied in her youth, she recognized the tempos and colors and knew their namesConway, Ulam, Turing, Gardner .

Micro Business Machines and General Electric re was still a lot of amorphously skittish international law ties like Pylos, most of it centering on whether artificial had fulfilled enough of the Turing test to qualify as citile countries AIs had rights comparable to nonliving legal corporations.

Sitting at e with a tape recorder and a script, or turning tricks with e fat slob in a car behind the gas-works up the streetT She tured out of the window to the wasteland that covered several s to the north of the station.

She tured out of the window to the wasteland that covered several s to the north of the station.

A cursory autopsy indicating the cause of death as autoasphyxiation, a statement of credits received by Boba Fett for turning over mer­chandise in a damaged condition, a list of personal ef­ fects owned by the late merchandise, mainly the torn and stained clothing he had been wearing when cap­ tured by Fett, a visual scan of markings that Posondum had managed to scratch into the metal floor of the holding cage .

But now another, secret England, secluded in the grounds of stately houses -Beaumanor, Gayhurst, Woburn, Adstock, Bletchley - an England of aerial farms and direction finders, clattering bombes and, soon, the glowing green and orange valves of Turing machines ('it should make the calculations a hundred times, maybe a thousand times as fast'}.

And the Luin of Celtchar son of Uthider which was found in the battle of Mag Tured, this is in the hand of Dubthach Chafer of Ulaid.

Her study of the Cipherers' Market, and particularly of the rulebooks used by the cipherers to respond to messages, had taught her that for all its complexity, it too was nothing more than another Turing machine.

Named after Alan Turing, a pioneer theoretician of machine intelligence, who said that a computer being able to conversate with a human for a certain time would be intelligent.